16 Amazing ways to use salt

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Salt is a product that is always in the kitchen, although in the middle ages it cost so much that they used it instead of money. Even though salt is not worth so much today, it is still a very valuable product that can be used in different ways.

Genial.guru decided to find out what the unusual uses of salt are, and we found many interesting things!

Prevent fungi in the shower curtain:

If you wash the newly purchased shower curtain in salt water, it will never be covered with mushrooms.

Reduce insect picket inflammation:

To quickly calm a mosquito bite, simply moisten a finger, pass it through salt and apply it to the affected area. More ways to relieve itching from an insect bite here.

Bring back the copper frets to shine:

The salt is perfect for cleaning the copper dishes. Mix it with vinegar and flour. Or add lemon juice and rub the surface you want to clean (more details on this method here). But before doing so, check in an inconspicuous area how this will work.

Make the oil not splash:

Add a little salt in the hot oil in the pan before putting your food there. So the oil will not splash on the sides.

Make candles that "do not cry":

So that the paraffin of the candles does not drain, immerse them in a solution of water with very concentrated salt during some hours. Before you light them, dry them well.

Eliminate unpleasant smells of footwear:

Cloth bags filled with a few tablespoons of salt will help eliminate unpleasant odors from your footwear. Just leave them for some time in your shoes. Or you can do something even easier: sprinkle the salt on the sole, let it absorb the aromas, then shake the shoe and vacuum it. Read more tricks to refresh the shoes here.

Remove the smell of onion from your hands:

Many times, after chopping onions or garlic, an unpleasant aroma remains on the hands. To remove it, rinse your hands well with cold water, sprinkle with salt (you can mix it with baking soda), rub them lightly and wash them with cold water and soap.

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