What is the point of @fulltimegeek's spam?

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Weeks later @fulltimegeek is still auto-creating thousands of spam comments and upvoting them daily using @animalcontrol & @exterminator.


@fulltimegeek is still automatically producing 10,000+ comments a day.

I really don't understand your goal here outside of being a troll and farming votes.

In the last 24 hours, those two accounts created 11,408 comments and over 1,000 upvotes from his "fulltime bots".

The comments don't even show up on Steemit.com or Steempeak.com and don't stop posts from loading anymore.

@fulltimegeek hasn't made a real comment on the blockchain in over 17 days. Did he just pack up and leave his bots spamming and farming? All over $20 he spent trying to upvote a hyperlink for around 400 Steem using bid bots?

Unfortunately, outside users using Partiko and Busy have to see this nonsense and think we are a bunch of children.

Every time I make a post, I know 3,000+ spam comments are going to follow.

At this point, his bots are even spamming comments on his own bots.

Must be nice to automatically create thousands of comments a day and upvote them for $0.12 with zero curation rewards.

Seriously @fulltimegeek? They will come to Steem and think we are a bunch of children and leave.

I offered to talk to you publically one on one and you never responded. The offer still stands but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Is Steem Cleaners doing anything about this spam and vote farming? Nope.

500,000+ Steem Power nearly dedicated to spamming and vote farming.

Do you even give a damn about this blockchain anymore or do you just want to do as much damage as possible on your way out?

By the time I finished this short post, another 300 comments and 40 fulltime bot votes happened.

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Hello Troll Spammers,
Please use your magic coding powers for good and not creating a public nuisance.
~ Thanks Everyone Else,


Hey, where is this from? That's not Firefly!


Castle I believe.



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Flags should also affect RC in a much more aggressive fashion than it does on rewards. Effectively the community can put people into proper timeout :) You hear that @chbartist. Go to your corner.

As for @fulltimegeek it is one of those I do because I can things

Back in the day when somebody started going off the wall like this, I assumed it meant their account was hacked.

Over the last year, I notice suspicious activity from once-normal people tends to occur after they are flagged excessively. They go berserk, join the dark side, start screaming how great their god is, while going full-out kamikaze in a ball of brilliant flames.

Then everyone brings marshmallows and popcorn to the comments as we watch their account balance slowly fade away.

It's worth 2...



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This is outrageous

Get him and throw him out!
Respect for taking actions!
Thank you.
Please keep on.

They will come to Steem and think we are a bunch of children and leave.

This is an accurate assumption of Steemit, and a big reason why I've almost entirely stopped being and posting here. A long time ago.

So, in a sense, if people are being turned away, FTG is doing them a favour by helping them not waste their time - let alone money - here.

Its time to fork out his stake!


Just use Steempeak. Im not seeing any of his comments there.
But yeah.. Some kind of adjustment to the flag system needs to happen. Cant tell you how many fuckers id like to flag if it wasnt a complete waste of time.
Then theres the case with spam like this... Not sure what can be done there. Its the front ends that should hide and ban because of behavior like this.
Thats one of the problems with the steem blockchain. If someone was malicious enough and had enough RCs, they could literally fill up the blockchain with copies of war and peace all day long..

He stopped posting actual comments and all the people shooting off their mouths to higher SP accounts aren't getting saved anymore ie https://steemit.com/@lyndsaybowes/comments.

Probably hanged himself in his mothers garage to get away from the clones.

Bring back the 4 post soft cap and 20 votes a day and these problems go away.
He's increasing the rake of the biggest abusers by kicking redfish off the tail.
His rshares insure that 100s of little accounts get nothing.
Flagging just ups the total rshare of votes, making his abuse even worse.
Witnesses need a spam time out they can give people.

Please tell me the Witnesses are coming up with a way to stop stupid nonsense like this? Make downvotes more expensive, maybe even exponentially expensive per downvote, per account. Just something to stop this childish stupidity. This isn’t making Steem look good, and in fact I’ve had to deflect criticisms from a couple other guys I know in the crypto community about Steem being riddled with this crap. Something needs to be done, and unfortunately I think it’s now to the point that only the winesses can solve it...

The comments don't really make any sense either... flag gif popcorn Jaws Theme-song?


^ flag - flagging comment above
gif popcorn - summoning @gifbot to produce even more spam.
Jaws - hell if I know. He might just like the movie.


Maybe he thinks your name says TheSharkyShark (:

Forget the fucking drama, it literally doesn't even matter whose side your on anymore. His spam is literally going to far, like what the fuck does making the Steem Platform look like utter trash solve for him?

This isn't petty, this isn't justified, this isn't a "gotcha"... He's literally making himself look like a child, even if you were once on his side there's no way you can see him as anything more than a giant crying baby at this point.

How does one man manage to lack so much self-awareness to the point they think that acting like an humanized version of an "autistic fit" is a good idea. Absolutely pathetic...

Wow... this is getting pretty ridiculous huh

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Viva la !popcorn

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thousands of spam with 11 cent upvotes nets him hundreds a day for a man that cares so much about spam he trying to make a lot of money off it.


Pretty sure he doesn't give a shit about spam, the reason this all started was I blacklisted @proboards for posting 16,000 times a day stolen content.


Another account that he would mass upvote attempting to jack up an account of money from stolen content.

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