Spammer going to spam all @buildawhale users in retaliation for blacklist

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@money-dreamer was blacklisted for sending 50,000 memos in the last 30 days (almost 14,000 in last 7 days), spamming posts and contests. I've been approached by 3 different people independently about his activities.

After review, I decided to ban him from using our service. After he was blacklisted, he decided to flag all my posts in retaliation and as well as left a lot of comments claiming I am a scammer and robbing people.

You are a scammer that is robbing anybody that competes with you!

Another list of users that @buildawhale robbed. Is this an exit scam? They will slowly "ban" users of the service claiming spam stealing their funds. They will eventually grow this list until people catch on and at that time they will just start keeping everyones funds. They target high bidders. Be careful everyone. You have been warned!

You going to return my money? I am going to start sending comments to blogs on every bid to your buildawhale and pushup bots warning them that you robbed me and you will probably rob them in the future. I am going to launch my bot in 24 hours from now and I will start working on more plans to get my money back. You owe me about $1,000 and I'm going to get my money back.

I removed three votes (35.424 SBD) to his spammy posts, something I rarely ever do and not even remotely close to $1,000. In 6 months of running @buildawhale with 500-1000 bids/day, this is the third time I have done it.

These are only a few examples, he sent a lot more.

A small sample of his memo spam:


I have been told I am allowing abusers to take advantage of the platform, and I have been trying to stop it since I started @buildawhale but reporting spam and encouraing quality content with our daily curation.

In the past, I sent everything to SteemCleaners as that is how abuse is supposed to be handled (via flags). There is just too much of it, and after the @grumpycat episode I decided to be a lot more public about my efforts as I am being accused of being an enabler, yet I see very few doing anything to stop the spam and abuse.

In about 5-8 hours he will start spamming every user of @buildawhale as well as who knows who else. With a message similar to this:

This is one of the primary reasons most bot owners do not blacklist users. It's a thankless abusive job and very subjective.

Another user who posts 20 times to dmania daily, has been yelling at me for "censoring him" after adding him to the blacklist.

My current blacklist can be found here, not all of them are obvious as they are part of a network but most of them are clear as day why they were blacklisted. I spend hours every day looking through incoming bids to find spam and abuse that should not be rewarded through paid upvotes. It is extremely time consuming and not always easy to draw the line. Some are worse than others, if it was my choice I would blacklist far more than I do.

I have to restrain myself as the majority of content on Steemit is little or no effort. I focus on the worst offenders and low hanging fruit. Since blacklisting users I have noticed a huge improvement in the quality of posts being submitted to @buildawhale and our daily Curation Digest as been a lot easier to process through the 500-1000 bids a day.

Unfortunately when reviewing other bid windws I see they are just using other bots and still doing what they do. Having to look at the shit being submitted on a daily basis to build a daily Curation post or find spam is depressing and discouraging.

If you want to report abuse, we have an #abuse channel on our Discord. It is completely anonymous as no one else (including you) will see what is typed in the channel.

Why you should vote me as witness



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A vote bot owner with a spine, how refreshing.

These bitbots owner are no better than the for-profit spammers they enable and profit from.
Irresponsible bots: @sneaky-ninja by @michaeldavid, @allaz, @aksdwi, @levitation @pushup @msp-bidbot @upmewhale @adriatik and a few smallers ones.

PSA, Sending money to these bots will put all of your post at risk of being GrumpyFlagged!

To know what voting bot to use to promote your posts, refer to and use those that have 3.5 day or less in the "Max Age" column.
Learn more ...

Why isn't @buildawhale on this list?

A Careless Person



Oh hey @money-dreamer. How much longer until you start spamming?

Asking for Trouble

I never have spammed actually.

I really didn't have to read up on it, but I will help you read up on it:

Staying Safe with Memes. To be completely clear, any use of a copyrighted work beyond a fair use is an infringement and could, theoretically, result in a lawsuit. This includes non-commercial uses of memes.


we must be successful together in steemit, I must be sure that, all steemit friends will definitely help each other to succeed together in 2018 that will come remain semagat and continue to prosper

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But why do you flag more than 3.5 days older posts?

Posted using Partiko Android

The philosophical cat.



My Second-grade Teacher

how to use it? i never seen it before

@grumpycat can you do something about @themarkymark putting all the stolen graphics from Fox Television series "Firefly" on here? He is going to get blocked from the search engines or sued by the entertainment industry.

Trying anything you can think of?
I cite all images that are not CC0, gifs are considered fair use in almost all cases.

Are you citing one author's opinion from Fortune Magazine? Further, that article does not even defend what you are doing with the copyright material.

According to Jeff John Roberts of Fortune

I would read this to get a little more information on the issue:

I'm citing the first fair use post I could find, I am very familiar with fair use.

Going around saying I'm a plagiarist (when I cite all my images except CC0 which specifically states they don't need citing, even under business use) is a laughable attempt distraction.

If you decide to go the route of false accusations, slander, and/or spamming I will be forced to respond in force. I am done with this derailment, and leave the next step up to you.

You are blacklisted, you are not free to use @buildawhale. That is my choice, and it is a result of your actions on the platform.

Will you stop being grumpy if I pet you?

Vote back

Excellent Post. I invite you to see my postcards. Here I leave the link


Spam.... lol

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What about all the stolen images from "Firefly" that you post on the blockchain? I just reported that. You are going to get the website blocked on Google by committing this plagiarism. This will hurt all Steem users. This is far worst than anything I have done.

You should really live up to these standards you try to set for everyone else!

I love how you try to make it look like your for profit campaigns are good for Steem, but that is complete hogwash.

You are one of the biggest Spammers, Scammers and Plagiarists on this platform.

Hopefully, people will start standing up to you.

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Ohh shit,, twitter, AND facebook they are all going to get sued too then. Fuck No More Social Media!!!

They don't get sued because they take actions against users that commit plagiarism. They especially take action against users who are scamming people and committing plagiarism.

Why dont you do something about the trending and the hot pages where stupid or similar content or the same member keeps getting the 100-1000z of $$ and really good content gets next to nothing.. i think the spammers are doing this for a reason, and thats the reason... Just a photo of lunch/dinner and a few lines gets 100z of $$.. @themarkymark

source google images

Hahaha I perfectly agree with this! And sometimes seeing a comment of upvote4upvote is already considered a spam. And post that have banners thanking people in advance for an upvote is already considered a mark-down for me if in each and every blogs you submit contains all those sh*t that consumes the whole space already and you have just only posted a photo with a few captions and barely even explained why and how you have taken a photo of it.

They blame others fro reward pool rape, when they themselves are doing it..

All too true.

There are some exceptional photos where this could be justified, but in most cases, these photos should be combined into an album type post.

I can only control what I have access to, and that's @buildawhale.

i mean since many of you have a good hold over steemit itself, and some might listen to you. Iv posted this 100z of times, this is the first reply i got, i had also made a post regarding this matter. There are a lot of good posts out there, and they get nex to nothing coz some youtuber is eating some 5$ shit and posts it, and gets 100z, or some hot chick just posing and bragging, gets 1000z. we need to make this a fair community, thats what steemit was all about. its been months, and we see similar posts or similar members on the trending or hot page. Alot of content is getting wasted due to ignorance, unless your a friend or relative or GF/BF or a whale or some programmer. Not everyone is a programmer here, nor friends with whale or their ass licker, nor famous youtuber. But i have seen really good posts, with a lot of research and effort being put in, and hardly gets a few cents. I see many whales go behind these famous spammers or reward pool rapers, but indirectly supporting stupid posts is no different.

if u think this is a fact, plz put this issue on the table, since you are a whale. PEACE..

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I agree completely. BUT it isnt an easy fix. It is something that many whales wish to change but the even they cannot do much. Its up to the people who vote on these posts to stop it. A lot of these larger whales (and communities) who are posting trash and are on the trending page are also self voting while people who like me do not have much of an upvote do not even upvote our selves. Hopefully some of the changes in the next HF (or undoing some of HF19) will help. Need to change votes back to 1/4 strength IMO. <--- THIS IS NEEDED BAD!!!

There is alot of ass licking going on in chats, to get upvotes from whales, and and hot girls make easy money there, guys take a while and very few, who are good at ass licking.. im sure will get a few hates for this.. however PEACE..

Very true. If you are a whale or know people that work on the "anti-spam" campaigns, you can get away with spamming. It is politics as usual just like in the real world.

You make a lot of good points.

This needed to be said. I think it is the responsibility of all users to use their vote responsibly but unfortunately now that many are resorting to autovotes and bidbots the quality of rewarded content gets less and less. Remove the Trending page, It gives the wrong idea of how steemit operates for new users leaving them disappointed when their post gets 0. Maybe we could have a day without bots and see if anymore good content creators make a breakthrough.

Removing trending page means you only search for content you want to see and upvote if u like.. here on trending page they upvote for rewards.. we keep seeing posts of similar people and similar types.. steemit will operate more fairly if the trending and hot and promoted pages are removed.. one would only look for what they want.

If you have different trend, just don't use Trend Page!))
Go search for what you like! Or
You can use your feed page.
BTW with that excellent steem-plus chrome extension, you will be able to filter the tags of followed persons' posts, very convenient way to find something new among those people you are interested in.

My idea is - Why we should always cut something, instead of trying making it better, extending the possibilities of same thing?

I just upvoted your comment, please tell me if my vote was responsible?

That is for you to decide. We are all entitled to our opinion. Did you think it brought value to this post?

I know I did, and I must say.. well, yes indeed, I just upvoted your previous one again.
Don't be that responsible all the time, have some time just for fun! Remember, this is just the way we interact to each other here by means of text which can be emphasized to the others by the power of upvotes, and discussion line length. Anyway, I am glad to meet you @ammonite.

This guy here should bring some weight to my words.

Just as recently I have seen a pair of great legs with a steemit banner promoting to vote a community holder along with another #witness. And d*mn it has gotten itself almost 500 bucks and still counting. I am not backbiting the team though it concerns me a lot that if somebody would just be as daring as what the challenge is just to grab attention of most steemians, then this is not a fair ground. I am still testing the waters if I could still use steemit for my upcoming really controversial posts later on to at least have an audience who are at least one step above the mediocrity level. Seeing a trending post because of some exposed skin over a real mind-twitch-piece is a bit of dilemma to pursue steemit. You may check out my activities with utmost transparency that I do my fair share to acknowledge at least 60 percent of all the posts that come across my sight. Whether it is interesting or not (it is not us to judge what interesting is since it is the author's choice to post it - therefore it is interesting for them) Most of the chat groups as you say is just a pool of really huge number of users in which they just throw their links there not even thinking to support other people's efforts before they drop theirs. I make it to a point that I would be able to reply back to all comments posted to my blog and at least engage with my audience who were able to show some acknowledgement to your efforts.

There are chances where someone pays a girl to make posts with sexy shots and going to different places, and making 1000z daily..

He is talking about @purepinay and your talking about @sweetsssj Only @purepinay supports @surpassinggoogle.

If you check him out he is the most solid person on steemit. His witness (@steemgigs) supporters are not funded by him. They are creating post to show their support for him. He is a very humble guy and doesn't flaunt his witness all over the place. They like him because he is an awesome human being. As do I, he has had an impact on myself and my family from what he does. I would bet that everyone that knows him loves him.

please voteback..

Hey bro! I voted for you! Steem on man!

Cant we all just get along? What about love? Is this love that makes all this happen?

It's your wrong idea.

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Stay Strong Bro!

The proof is all on the blockchain.

Thanks for keeping us informed. Great power is tempting... seems like you're trying to stay within the lines.

He is robbing people. That is far from staying within the lines.

I meant you are staying within the lines,,, as in justified in your actions. No room for people trying to take advantage on any platform. I believe in balance which is difficult but necessary. no rules is anarchy and too many is repression,,, we need to get the platform in the middle. ppl should be able to profit from posting anything, but shouldn't be permitted to do whatever they please.

HI, as you can see you got a comment from the person I am about to ask you for help with. Here is the deal. @grumpycat 's crusade has hit another victim who is a new user with talent and not spamming. She used a bot because she was told it was a way to help and is encouraged by many minnow groups. The concept of the 3.5 day rule does NOT stop people from spamming.

Furthermore, there are many spam posts (aka short posts with little, often repetative content) by whales in the trending page. Someone was recently made about @purepinay and @surpassinggoogle but at least they write looong well thought out posts and give back as much as they can.

I beg you. Please consider to get the bot-owners together and stop @grumpycat there are some who simply raise up there hands and say "well thats steemit" and there is freedom in steemit-- but that freedom is being usurped by whales who abuse their power in an attempt to solve problems when they are actually the ones who are the greatest abusers of said problems. @grumpycat is making a profit of of downvoting new users and making them scared of steemit and whales. He will neg them (whether a little or a lot makes no matter) and then he will upvote his spam comment that we have seen hundreds of times to 100-200 dollars. THIS IS LITERALLY SPAM ABUSE. Please consider to use your connections and stature to improve this situation. Thank you.
btw this is a post that he just hit today.

it is a beautiful post about fighting depression and suicidal tendancies.

We need Hard Fork 🍴 20 fast. That will get rid of the self vote. Although, indirectly it will make new ground for more business to Bots as people will not be able to self vote to rise in the sea 🌊 of posts being generated by 1 million users in middle of 2018

좋은 일 하고 계시네요.
적극 지지 합니다.

You've been in the thick of it trying to solve various controversies lately, haven't you?

OMG 14000 a week! i used buildwhale ones and prayed not to catch a ban if i would try again within 24 hours)))

I would wait 7 days if you are going to use it at all. What he does is remove the unvote just seconds before curation so you won't even know you are being banned scammed until the very last minute. His racket is much more profitable that way.

its staring to feel like revenge porn where when blacklisted you begin to hate and flag the ones who flag or blacklist you, i have used @buildawhale and i like the service, i think its wrong when one is blacklisten , they begin spaming user, i remember the whale wars where one whale (name withheld) called on his followers to flag another whale who had called him out for a mistake he had done and things got ugly. i think steem and steemit platform should come with a way to sort some of this things out

The spam picture is kinda beautiful, colors and patterns and all...

Are you talking about the legal WebGL images on my contest that are properly sourced?

It is true if so.

I hate how people like @themarkymark feel like they are entitled to stealing graphics from movies that people spent there entire life working up to.

He don't care about the money that millions of people in the Television industry lose. All he cares about is how much STEEM he can steal from legitimate users by posting the plagiarized graphics.

As I said before, all non-CC0 images are sourced. All gifs are fair use.

This is my last warning, if you continue to slander and spread lies because you are upset about being put on a blacklist you will be flagged. Grow up. Do something worthwhile and stop sending 50,000 wallet spam messages a month.

Oh yes, I remember that ordeal.

He's seemed to have cleaned up his act (spare how he is behaving towards you) but I am not soon to forget the vote farming and the TLD spam posts scams he ran which he walked away from relatively unscathed.

To give others an idea of what we were reporting, he was using bid bots for posts like this.

Essentially, he was buying up a series of top level domains with steem in the name, redirecting them, and posting these type of posts on about 19 distinct tags spamming the blockchain.

Once the vision of Steemflagrewards fully comes together, we will go after the rest of the vote farming memo abusers.

Here is the post from our first campaign against them for anyone curious. We still have a way to go,

Also, @themarkymark thanks for the support so far you have shown to this initiative! It goes a long way!

I do appreciate you putting in the effort trying clean things up. I myself do not actively go out and spend money on what I consider “advertisement” as I don’t think the majority of my content is even worth trying push it up.

Even on the couple of pieces I put a fair amount of time into once in a while. Sometimes they get found on their own and other times they don’t.

I wish more services that sell advertisement would take a more active approached in pushing these people out. I don’t know if some of you would ever work together to create a global black list to share the required workload to try and stop some of these people. Then again these scum bags have no issue with making a new account and doing it again.

It has turned into an interesting thing on Steemit for sure. I’ve noticed some of these people will just randomly send someone with has a fair amount of SP 1 SBD and a link and then get pissed off when they don’t upvote their content. As if this is just a normal thing everyone does.

I wonder at what point will these services start to be a "membership only" type of deal to even buy advertisement in the first place.

  • Min number of days being active on steemit
  • Certain min. rep level.
  • Limit of votes they can buy per day.

Once in a while I'll get pissed off at a spammer; but, they are a dime a dozen. I rather put my efforts elsewhere.

Well written

Wowzers that sample list is A LOT OF SPAM.
Thank you for your efforts to help clean things up around here.

wow so good post

Thank you for the quick and great information.
all readers of this post will be aware of such spamming plans around, thus It will really have a great negative effect on this spammer.

At least he could behave with dignity, accept he's been acting badly and move on. It isn't as if he can't find other bid bots to use. And if his efforts are truly so profitable then the 30-odd SBD shouldn't be a big deal.

Good job in helping rid the platform of abuse. Nip it in the bud because the masses haven't even begun to arrive and if this spammy behavior is acceptable when they do arrive Steemit will be unusable.

I will stay here for @money-dreamer .
You may not consider my opinion right or correct at all as I am less than a month here and numbers near my name are making it not in my favor.
But somehow it happened that I have been following both @themarkymark and @money-dreamer. And this post was something where I had to decide for myself whose side to take.
Again, I will stay here for @money-dreamer, as I just scanned his profile very quick and I don't see even 2 post per day recently.
For me - spamming means posting 50 pictures to Dmania per day and earning $0.00 - $0.01 from each. This seems to be really harmful for the content oriented users, though who knows what can happen with these posts in 3 years, maybe there will come meme fans and each post will eventually end in 1$ from each picture. Meaning this can eventually become great contribution to the whole platform if all meme fans will come register and stay here. The whole system will grow, so steem price increase and average user will earn more. Right?
What I want to say is as far as I can see from @money-dreamer 's transaction history, this guy sends 0.001 weekly to everyone who follows him. Well OK, what is wrong with it?
I think many of those who start now here on steemit having 0 balance, will be glad to earn at least 0.01 SBD in 10 weeks to spend it than back in services as @buildawhale or any other "upvote-bot" to simlpy have a chance for a slight promotion. Because without bot promotion you will never grow here nowadays. Your early posts and inquires and researches nobody will ever see as there are thousands and thousands of posts coming each hour, so yours with zero rating will be just lost among them in 30 minutes.
Maybe I am getting something wrong, but why flag someone if he sends HIS OWN money to his followers, this is his money and his decision, what damage it can cause to the platform I can't understand.
I am asking you one simple question: If I am rich and want to stimulate my followers why I should excuse for it and prove I am not a spammer?

Great post

Thank you themarkymark for making a transfer to me for an upvote of 34.91% on this post!

Half of your bid goes to @budgets which funds growth projects for Steem like our top 25 posts on Steem!

The other half helps holders of Steem power earn about 60% APR on a delegation to me!

For help, will you please visit because I check my discord server daily?

To learn more about Steem, will you please use because this URL forwards to my most recently updated complete Steem tutorial?

So we should use @buildawhale and when he does comment on our post we can get his upvote too? I mean a free upvote from someone with 1500 SP (though it will probably be at like 1% or 0.1%) but either way still. Either that or his vote is a flag and it will be what? 0.5SBD at most, he simply won't have the VP to be effective

You got a 16.11% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @themarkymark!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

You´re doing a great Job. And i think the platform is getting better bc of people like you who put this much time and effort into it.

why they do this?

Entitlement 😂

Kind of like @makerhacks feels entitled to posting this stolen graphic.

You better protect your self than allowing those scams to take advanges of you.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

so he is punishing me with an upvote? gosh, don't throw me in that briar patch

I think this is part of the discussion we were having. It all goes around in a ugly circle. Like I said it's be about the time I took your advice something else would come along, like being caught in the middle of a flag war. lol

I usually don't bother with these sort of posts.
I got in my first dust up with someone who down voted a couple of my posts, he was just triggered, I made plenty on those posts despite that one negative nelly.

Yeah, I just read them to get some insight.

@money dreamer asking for trobules well dont @themaekymark you flag him bcz now high lvl wales are disturbing minnows like me and flag our posts

I prefer to build than destroy, but you were flagged because you plagiarised third party content.

@money-dreamer thanks for sharing this post . I have gathered a lot of information from your post. keep it up

good post friends

interesting all the politics steemit will create from within how things should be run.or grudges from certain people. kinda like a wild west again all kinds of people trying to milk out the system or find exploits and have fights.

Follow us and vote for witnesses @mrs.roy or send 0.001SBD with post link in mamo we give you #upvote and #resteem your post to get more upvotes.

You DO realize which post you just commented on.....right?

I don't know about @buildawhale till now. will try to get more information about it. Would you show any way? I will vote @themarkymark for witness as you are doing a incredible job for the minnows.

Be careful voting for him.

@themarkymark is a known plagiarist/spammer/scammer here on Steem.

I suggest not spreading slander and lies because you are upset about being blacklisted for spamming.

waw so nice your post & good information

Thank you very much for the information

Follow and votes back

your Information is very important to thank you for sharing

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

How in the world do you send 14k memos in 7 days? That’s outrageous! Thank you for doing us all a favour mark. That kind of behaviour is going to scare away new users if every post is filled with spam bots and doesn’t earn any revenue. Also our bandwidth that would require. Like I can’t steem at all most mornings and sometimes at like 3 am bc time because of bandwidth recharge. It’s dissapointing but whales taking action is exactly what’s needed @themarkymark thanks for bringing light to this. I really hope I don’t get downvotes from them for supporting you my account couldn’t handle it but idc. What he’s doin Is wrong. This platform includes money but is not about money! People need to be more aware of the community guidelines. Or read the steemit blue paper and think carefully about how they are going to proceed on this platform. Also does your account act as a proxy for witnesses? I would be willing to use you as my proxy.

This post has received a 5.77 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @themarkymark.

Sounds like a difficult and time-consuming job! But one that benefits others' use of Steemit. So thank you for doing it. Is there anything "the little people" can do to offer support?

all perusers of this post will know about such spamming plans around, in this way It will truly have an incredible negative impact on this spammer.

@themarkymark when people threaten to spam him

Be careful posting stolen graphics. You are going to get blocked by the search engines. Don't copy the master spammer/plagiarist @themarkymark.

This graphic was stolen from the TV Series: "Firefly"

Really trying everything eh? Read up on Fair Use.

Staying Safe with Memes. To be completely clear, any use of a copyrighted work beyond a fair use is an infringement and could, theoretically, result in a lawsuit. This includes non-commercial uses of memes.

Hahahahha! Then almost half of the steemians will get sued! This is a VERY LAME FORM of DEFENSE UNFORTUNATELY for a person with high riank like you. If you happen to be a newbie then it is perfectly considerable. With regards to doing a spam process and NOT even feeling sorry about doing so is ROBBING us the right for a REAL sincere UPVOTES from real people!
Plain and simple logic! If you commit a mistake, be sorry for it and have a public apology, but in this case you will really gonna bring this to the high courts. I hope @themarkymark will back me up from this honest to goodness remark i made with another whale which in return he can summon his minion bots and avid supporters to drain my hard earned reputation.

They probably won't get sued, but the big media companies file complaints with the search engines and the search engines start taking actions against the website that contains the plagiarized contents.

And, too scam money from people using a stolen theme from Fox is just plain stupid. Somebody is asking for trouble:

Maybe Fox will help me recover my stolen funds.

Yes, Facebook, Twitter, etc... receive numerous complaints everyday to remove plagiarized content. Maybe he could get away with using the plagiarized content but not while he is scamming users for such large sums of money.

If anybody else got scammed from this user, I would file a complaint here:

[email protected]

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I empathize with you on how you feel that you were robbed from a big amount of efforts just to build a name and gain something from it. The means though does not justify your end. Yes sometimes I am able to see that fb and twitter has removed the contents in some of the memes our friends post as a reaction. I have never posted anything like that though I can just post a smiley as response. As for what you did in what @themarkymark is allegating you in spamming, I am very much guilty as well that I do this in facebook whenever I offer some new HYIP but as a responsible promoter, I guide people how to avoid being scammed when the site shuts down and take away all our hard- earned money. Not a mere disclaimer just to avoid the guilt that you'll feel afterwards. Fraud is anywhere, if you were robbed from a site that you thought to be scam-proof then it's really hard to accept! If you feel advantageous of this fight then go for it, if not, just let it go and start again from the very beginning. It's the hard truth that many of us in the online earnings world cannot fathom. I did an upvote for at least acknowledging a response from a small fish! Though a lot of people doesn't know I am a former success coach in empowr. I am just having a great time here on steemit. Good luck with your fight.

You got a 43.29% upvote from @upmyvote courtesy of @themarkymark!
If you believe this post is spam or abuse, please report it to our Discord #abuse channel.

If you want to support our Curation Digest or our Spam & Abuse prevention efforts, please vote @themarkymark as witness.

Very bad news

I'm going to keep it nice and simple while I'm on steem. Nothing too fancy nothing too Hi-Tech, do everything by hand, like the good oh days.

Quick question how many posts can you post without looking like a spammer ?

Depends on the quality of the posts.


It really depends on who you are and who you know.

I'll look it over

That's a little better. Thank you

money-dream is full of it and upset. Do not listen to him.

Full of what? I'm not upset.

Abusive as it is! Thank you for being stern to these kinds of fraudulent activities. We, the small fishes who swim in the oceans of opportunity are being robbed from our space to reach other people from our undeniable efforts to think how to be competent with our fellow great bloggers here. The race is really getting stiff for us and mostly all of our posts are just left un-noticed. We perfectly know that that's the way life goes here and we all just need to keep up with it and be d*mn more creative to catch the eyes of other people genuinely interacting with fellow steemians. Thank you for letting us all know that there is someone who fought another whale and still keep the balance of this great environment we all dwell at. Seeing this post made me realize as well, Gosh I still don't know a lot of things going on around here and not just post a great quality content and interact sincerely among others. We hope we will all get into that as experience is always a great teacher.

Please explain to me the part where I committed fraud?

since it can be seen on the steemit blockchain wit hall that activity in 7 days, it is actually some kind of a manipulation just for you to increase your earnings. With excessive use of bots is a fraudulent act since it should be us human beings who should post comments and updvotes, it clearly shows that you are spamming his group.

My bots don't do comments and upvotes yet. I have not even contacted his group yet either.

The less spam the better. I just saw Unilever threatened to pull facebook ads because they didn't like the fake news on there. It will be hard to get legit advertisers here if there is too much spam.

what is your problem. why he do it @themarkymark

I wish everyone was honest

Me too, when someone offers a service, honesty is the most important. In my experience, some people are not honest.

Contact [email protected] They are not going to tolerate a scam campaign getting ran under the guise of their TV series. It is bad PR for their company.

Done and done.

This unaware crisis that you have brought to the ears of aware. A big thump up to such a great observer. Have been writing up different article on several contest but no reply or suggestion and this happen to me recently asking me to transfer 10 SBD on contest. I was shocked and amaze. Thanks once more

That is not my contest you are referring to? I offered to send 10 SBD to the winner, but I never asked anybody to send me SBD.