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RE: Ways to avoid @pleasestop

in #spam2 years ago

Your bot is misrepresenting, misleading, and wrong. Although I appreciate the idea. I think your bots message, algorithm, and comment frequency needs lots of work. In addition, the FAQ is outdated and only applies to user of the interface, not every interface built on the blockchain. Be mindful of policing comments where the app is not Steemit. Lastly, the Etiquette guide is also an outdated and irrelevant guide geared toward when Steem was once a centralized blogging platform. It is no longer that. And it impedes on the progress of other apps on the platform to force compliance with another apps standards.

I'm not your enemy (although right now, I'm annoyed, triggered, and unhappy about the bot posting so many comment copies on real people's pages.)

What's expressed here is a genuine concern: Potential Fees. However, I personally find that fees are a much more sound approach if the alternative is self-appointed cop-bots.

DO consider working on this bot some more before and consider a relaunch. Right now it's being a douchebag. :)


I've upvoted your comment to push it to the top and increase visibility!

Your feedback has become a new post on all your points. Thank you again for articulating your thoughts so clearly and sharing these great points.

Thank you @omitaylor exactly my point, the bot needs to be re-worked, right now it is spamming the community doing more harm than good.

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