Revising Policy on Upvoting Comments on my Posts...

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This is why we can't have nice things... Seemingly when trying to upvote all the comments on my posts an alarm was raised throughout the lands beckoning to folks that easy money was afoot if they just spammed some meaningless "good post" or "keep it up" or "thanks for sharing, plz follow me" bullshit comment on any one of my posts...

* Facepalm *

Should have seen this coming, at first I was just voting up everything all willy-nilly, but the more I look at it the more it's obvious that monetizing the monotonously canned "good post bro" created that trend. Rewarding the filling up of the blockchain up with garbage or "fluff" comments was a lapse of judgement in my part and from this point forward I'll no longer be rewarding generic "good post" comments on my posts. Highly encourage everyone else to follow suit and see if we can correct this on a community / social level before we get over run by spam scum. Personally I don't want this for our community.

It's All on The Blogchain...

Generally it's wise to go and check out peoples comments on other blogs.. more often than not you'll realize they are just going around posting absolute rubbish comments with little to no substance, information or value. while not outright declared war on this behavior yet will certainly be slightly less accepting or lenient on this sort of thing on the future.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go get everything back up to shape and get back on the coding flex! Thanks for reading folks. Have a good week.


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The use of comment bot seems to be on the rise. I have been writing the need to write quality comments for great authors who spent hours to write their articles. It is only right to make comments after reading. If nothing better to say, I really may just read and upvote an idea if I support it. Thanks for highlighting this! We agree with this post greatly!


I feel the same. A comment may be more valuable than voting alone and occasionally gets a good comment string going.


I've noticed that too.. Seems they make a list of comments and just randomly bot stuff in hopes of prize... Damn shame really. :/

You are right.. I am also face the situation... How does solved it?


By ignoring them or possibly flagging them if they are spamming all the time.


Por que. You mean I missed an easy opportunity for a massive upvote by spamming some trash comment. NNOOOOOO my steemit career as bad commentor is coming to an end . . .

In all seriousness, though it sucks because I want to reward comments to get more comments and interactions on my posts, at the same time I know it would just increase those type of comments as well.


lol, I was reading that in a theatrical voice in my head right off the start.. Well done.

Yep, you feed beggards they don't learn so well. :/


Better to teach a man to fish if I remember correctly.

here I noticed that people put their own posts link in comments section also , ans sometimes post a same comment on many posts ,


Yes, this link spamming is a problem I see as well.. People are lacking manners. :/


beside manners, they are spoiling the atmosphere of @steemit

Nice post ;)

I've been trying to deal with spammy comments on my posts. If they look like a new user I'll offer advice. Persistent spammers get flagged


I agree.. Some don't know better.. Some do it almost as a mission!


I think it's very nice of you to try to guide the new users, @steevc. Hopefully at least a few of them changes their ways and end up contributing with real comments instead of spamming more.

Hello si.r..thanks for ur good help me grow too steemit n pls fallow my blog n... if yiu like sir can vote my post..

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Speaking of balls, maybe you should start relying to spam comments with dick pics.

Yup it for sure has begun I have seen it on a few peoples posts so far. But we as the creators of posts have the ability to choose what we support and don't support by the value of our upvotes on those comments.

For myself and for others we have started to really select valued comments and give them a higher rating and if its just a flat out "good post bro" not even upvote it at all and in some cases even flag it if its really flat out spam/bot looking.

Great thing about steemit is we control our own little communities in the overall massive community.

Count me in for ridding steemit of this new trend and not rewarding such comments we need to keep the community strong and truly engaged.

Perhaps the most annoying is the ones where people post an entire investing disclaimer in the comments. I have noticed though that their reputation has started to fall. I have not downvoted anyone yet as I feel i am rather a small fish but there is no doubt there are scams running on the comments that go beyond just be annoying.

I can tell most of my comments are the copy and paste ones. In the beginning (well let’s be real, I only joined last week) I figured at least a comment is a comment 😂. I think we see these things on all social media platforms though. I know that good, thoughtful interactions pay off more in the long run, but people are going to have to realize that for themselves.

Generally,this kind of actions new steemians does the most may be due to some lack of information they have about the platform.
Big steemians who got a significant following must share some educative points about this platform at least once a month that can control the situation rather than flagging a new one out.

Think we could end the problem by mass downvoting such comments and starting a movement to scare them off? Would be worth the try.

yeah..absolutely...we should obey this..rules...
maximum we this...
we should leave...

thank you

Yeah, no shit... my upvote is barely worth a few cents and people catch on to it in no time.

Witty humor und upvote denial will do the trick though!

Looking at my own stats, I've made just under 440 posts with around 400 of them being comments. I reckon I must average something between one and two paragraphs per comment.

Whilst I totally hear what you're saying (I've even seen people duplicate my comment in the same post, substituting three or four words for my original selections, so that's obviously not ideal either), I have to say what I'd give to receive ANY comments on my blog posts.

Occasionally, people comment but it's very rare. Maybe I should be careful what I wish for but then the same could possibly justifiably be said to your good self, too, @kyle.

Either way, I hope your post gets the exact commenter response you're hoping for. And I do hope it doesn't affect all the upvotes you appear to receive! ;)

Good luck and great post. It amused me - especially the graphics.

Obv click bait. Good on you for keeping up with the times.

I think I have the spammers figured out. No Comment is all they get...

There with you on this one. I like to upvote people that comment on my posts, but it the comment looks at all spammy I usually check them out quickly. If I see the same thing over and over then "no-upavote-for-you" They sink to the bottom as the real comments float up.... I might start getting a little more aggressive and downvote them - only after I upvote my peeps though.

I've started downvoting if I find a series of the same comment on their comment feeds.
If I find someone that may not know, I warn them.

I don't get as many as I used to get.

nice bro :)

I am new to Steemit. I have seen these comments in blogging world and they directly go to my spam box. You can understand that how much we beginners want your support to get success here. Not about the upvotes though, it is about the learning, understanding of the platform you share is most important. Thanks for sharing this.

I've been doing the same thing. Seems to be a Canadian thing...

BTW, nice post. ;)