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RE: Ways to avoid @pleasestop

in #spam2 years ago (edited)

I suggest, Steemit ought to invest a bit more in technical infrastructure and better programming routines - for better blockchain functionality . Ought to be able with a market capitalization of about 1 billion.... Where is the Alpha Version after 2 years ???
FB for example doesn´t have problems to store one´s history over years - incl. comments.

And every user ought to learn to flag out spam on his own. We are in the 21st century, every child knows how to work with social networks ;-)

And it´s more than strange, if anyone is here to teach others how to comment, sorry !!!!!! Are YOU the ultimative regulatory authority on Steemit ? :D


I don't like playing regulator so I'm hoping to get the community even more involved in my work, which they have continued to validate so far. And you make a great point, I believe we have so much more opportunity to improve the platform.

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