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I'm an independent journalist, author, podcaster, lifestyle coach and freedom lover. The purpose of this post is to introduce myself, tell you a little about my background and detail the type of information I will be sharing on Steemit. If you like it, feel free to follow me and contribute as you see fit.

I will make this as short and sharp as possible too, because I don't want to lose you with a long-winded rant.

Now I'd like start by saying that I'm more than impressed by the Steemit community. There's lots of respect for each other and this platform as a whole. I'm sure it helps to have a monetary incentive but I'm assuming it's also because most people here value the sovereignty of themselves and therefore each other. That's a big win to me, because I believe it's that very concept which will help to build an honorable future for humanity.

Put simply, we're at a crossroads: either we move further into a centralized, totalitarian control system on a planetary scale, or we create a decentralised human society that honors individual and community freedom.

Personally I believe it's all of our duty to help create the latter.

It was almost a year ago that I signed up to Steemit because I understood the potent potential this decentralized platform has. However, I forgot about it not long after and went back to my habitual schedule. I am disappointed I did, not just because I wasted the opportunity to increase my reach on Steemit during that time, but I'm sure I would have invested in a little Steem much earlier too.

Ah well, live and learn.

But I am here to stay, now. I'll aim to post at least every day or two. To summarise, I hold great value in sovereignty, unity, natural law, authenticity, abundance, creativity, truth, justice, love and just having some good old fun, so all this will drive the content I provide.

Now you may have noticed I do not use a pseudo name. I don't look down on anyone who does because that's for each of us to decide based on our individual circumstances, but personally I am happy to represent the truth and freedom network to the best of my ability. For several years now I have been writing for independent mindfulness and truthseeking sites, such as The Mind Unleashed and Waking Times. My work has reached into the millions, so I feel honored that I've been able to help so many people. After all, that is one of my primary aims: to contribute to the expansion of our collective consciousness, which really does illustrate the energetic flow at the start of the 21st Century.

My writing focuses on three main categories: spirituality, personal development and societal growth. Now before I lose the spiritually skeptical, this is a term that has been culturally tainted. I'm not into new age dribble that doesn't have some scientific and metaphysical basis, so you won't get that sort of shit from me. But you will find information that celebrates our deep connection with each other, reality at large and of course, ourselves.

I will also share info which aims to help people build on their own authenticity. I am staunch in my belief that if we're ever going to short out the matrix, we all need to become the most genuine individual we can in each moment because it means we're further rewriting it's programming. Essentially, the more we empower and enlighten ourselves, the more we undermine the control-system. Now don't get me wrong, I don't believe there is a point where we stop becoming more conscious, because this whole crazy experience is a journey of both magic and madness. Therefore, we should always stay open to more learning, more healing and more growth, otherwise we will inevitably get locked into incomplete and inaccurate beliefs systems at the least, and self-abusive and socially-toxic perspectives at the worst.

Then of course there's the systemic transformation that we desperately need. I have been fortunate to interview many great thinkers of our time, which you can find on my podcast, 'Redesigning Society'. Guests include Max Igan, Robert David Steele, Dean Radin, Ellen Brown, Geoff Lawton, Michael Tellinger, Gregg Braden, Greg Carlwood and many others. I have attempted to capture a more genuine narrative for how we should move forward as humanity tries to find itself, as well as find its independence from an aristocratic corporatocracy which has hijacked our social system and stolen our shared resources.

So I think that should do for now. As mentioned, please follow me if this resonates and give this post an upvote too.

For those who want to follow my work outside of Steemit, my FB is Phillip J. Watt, my wesbite which captures the podcast and most of my articles is and if you are interested in self-empowerment then see my other website where you can reach me for a personal appointment to further heal and develop yourself.

Much love,

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Welcome to Steem @phillipjwatt I have sent you a tip

Thank you botty, much appreciated :)

I really like the approach you use to certain aspects in life, namely how you took the term spirituality and made it your own concept for your own life. I look forward to your future posts!

Much appreciated and vice versa :)

Great intro @phillipjwatt! From an indie author to another, I'm glad you're exploring societal topics as well. I look forward to reading your content here on Steemit. :)

Thank you :)

Welcome aboard, Phillip! Follow me at

Thanks bitgeek. Done :)

Welcome to steemit I'm also new to steemit, it seems like a great platform with wonderful people, let's support each other I just followed you