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 Hello there! I'm sonzweil

 I joined steemit in July 2016. 

 But until now, I havn't posted anything.

 But I'll start my posting from today because it's good day to start something isn't it? :)


 I am Korean and a UNIST (Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology) student who likes music (rhythm games, playing guitar, dancing) which I think that is the one of the tools of my thinking. I like finding connections from the things that seem unrelated.


 My interests have often changed. I wanted to be a successful person by 2012, wondering what success is, and I was interested in the topic of software in 2013 and platform in 2014. And recently, I have been focusing on cryptocurrency, futurism and economy to prepare for the upcoming future. And furthermore I'm now moving my interests to data science and history.


 My strengths are the diverse experiences and thought processes based on that experience.

 I read a lot of books as my interests changed. Also I changed my college major so frequently. When talking about my changing history of courses or intesrests my friends are surprised easily. 

 Based on these various experiences I often relates something to understand. And with this ability I made some of my own solutions for social problems and made other many good ideas.


 I could not concentrate on one field because there were too many interests. I still can not say that I have deep understanding of one field. So I feel uneasy because I cannot say that I can do something well. 

 To improve myself, I changed my courses to Nano Materials Engineering(1st track), and Computer Science and Engineering(2nd track) last year. That was my last change of course change. I decided to enhance my expertise on those tracks.

Plan on Steemit

 I will talk about the things I have seen so far and the ideas I have created, my thoughts and values. I will also talk about all the topics that I was interested in. Topics can be musics, futures, platforms, and the key of success.

 And this is just my hope, it is the 'connecting the dots' project. I would like to run a kind of project that will improve the ability of people to connect something. It's just a plan for now. I will challenge this when I have enough confidence.

 I was dreaming of a platform like steemit, 'succeed by making others successful'. So I really thanks to Ned Scott and Dan Larimer for making this platform, I would like to thank the Korean steemit Community for providing an opportunity to access steemit. I hope to be the one of the members to make steemit successful. Thank you!

In Ulsan, Korea

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Welcome aboard the Steemit Train!!! Looking forward to reading how you will be connecting the dots in our virtual communities. All for one and one for all!!! Namaste :)


Are you indian? :) Namaste! I'll satisfy your expectation wait a moment.


No, not from India, at this particular moment, why? You leave me with expectations now and really look forward to what's coming my way form your end! Joy!!! Namaste :)

A belated welcome to Steemit:)

I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

You're right on time! Welcome aboard!

Welcome :)

Great explanation about yourself, you have steem in your veins! welcome

Great post upvote and follow you.
Gran post te voto y te sigo.
Follow me please.

Glad to see you posting. I hope you find more time to write and share stuff here. :)

Welcome 👍

Hi! :D See you again!!

Welcome to Steemit.


Hello lasseehlers :)

The first step is usually the hardest. I just signed up tonight.
Welcome and wish you the best of luck this new year of 2017.
Spread Love, Joy, Peace, and Happiness daily :)


Right! I can be classified as multipotentialite. I'll keep this ted for me.


I'd like to talk with you somewhere else

Welcome to Steemit. I wish you success. You could be a pioneer for Korea on here

Welcomme mate :-)


Yeap hello!

Well written and very thoughtful introduction. Nice too meet you @sonzweil!


Thank you. Nice to meet you @reddust. I want to see your posts soon.

Welcome. I also joined in July. maybe about the same time then.
I have seen there's a few people posting kr. I wish to visit Korea someday.
Nice picture of the sun, cannot make up it it's rising of setting. i guess it's setting.
FYI, there's a bug with using 5 tags causing only one to work. For example, you won't see your this post in https://steemit.com/created/plan
There's a few people who wrote about this before. This is one of the post:


Thank you for your advice and some related links. I'll keep in mind


You can actually edit this post and delete one of the 2nd to 5th tags as a workaround.
The first tag cannot be changed.

hi and welcome to steemit! :) hope you enjoy it here

Hi welcome on Steemit and a Happy New Year!


Thank you. happy new year!

nice post :)


You're welcome :)

Welcome to Steemit! Great post and look forward to following for more :)


Hello I also look forward your posts. I'll see you someday :)

Hi @sonzweil
Welcome to Steemit, happy steeming!!


@rynow I hope you too. Happy steeming!


Thank you

Welcome. I look forward to your posts and to your unique solutions.


Hello. Someday when you find my posts, I want to get your comments and advices. Because solution is not fixed one!
Thank you!



Hello :) Nice to meet you

interesting article, am new in steemit too and i did´t post anything yet.
Am going to start following you now:)


Thank you for your comment. I'll wait your first posting
I'm ready to upvote for you :)

welcome to steemit...^^
nice introduce and beautiful photos...^_^


Thank you for your reply!



Thank you.
Wow I'm envious of your posting and follower number. I'll try to catch up you.


I am sure you will

Welcome to Steemit! Upvoted and followed. Please follow back :)

Great pic!


Thank you I also upvoted and follwed. :)

I already see you succeeding on steemit. You will definitely have dots to connect as you will find out with time that @ned and @dantheman must be geniuses as it appears that they plan the model that way. You find yourself as a user heartily connecting the dots as you have stakes in the enterprise in the form steem power and you get that feeling and you constantly try to connect the dots same as others, the non-stop conscious activity and it becomes evident that steemit is bound to succeed because everyone is mining with their minds. In you post I think it is okay to mention a few users to notify them. So I mentioned Ned Scott and Dan. Who knows they may pop up at your post. These people are reachable. About your confidence, that will grow. I know I can help with that. You can always leave me a comment and I will follow up.


I'm really appreciate your long comment and further efforts. I'm impressed with your comments especially at the point you mentioned about my confidence and dot connection!
I'll leave comment to you when I need help. I also want to help you as far as I can. Let's make steemit better place. Thank you!


Yep certainly. If you are on steemit.chat already you can find me as @surpassinggoogle.

반갑습니다~ 환영합니다


네 반갑습니다~ 앞으로 좋은 글 많이 올리겠습니다

hi sonzweil, i am back, i need your support on my recent post. i only had one post up. i dont know if you love football but i do. i think koreans like it too, i mean soccer but why i am bringing it up and asking you to go through the post is cos you are interested in helping steemit grow. this post is mostly an experiment. since content is king like they say and especially with google etc. i am trying to see if make a really lenghty post in a topic that may not be very very popular on google and fully with my own experience will help it rank on google and perhaps bring steemit to the eyes of many and bring them on steemit. it is just experiment for now. we will ending up chatting like on steemit.chat. in the meantime please take a look! : https://steemit.com/curie/@surpassinggoogle/how-to-score-a-goal-in-a-g-ame-of-soccer-football-plus-additional-tips-on-how-to-become-an-unstoppable-goal-scorer-a-steemit


Welcome back surpassinggoogle. I don't play soccer well. But generally Koreans love football. When World Cup period comes, most of Koreans fall into the heat of soccer including me.
I'm now reading your post. And I upvoted it because it helps to broaden my view. I hope it will help you. Thank you!


Yep, thank you. Of course, it will help but your presence more. I am Philippines by the way and many Koreans here. It surprising tho that Filipinos tend towards basketball. The near future is of more pertinence than now, that's what I look forward to upon meeting you. My post came late. Most people would be too active by now in like USA etc where there are many steemians. Most times I have to post like midnight here but this post came later in the morning. Thank your effort! Are you on steemspeak.com yet. There is where I will like you to be. It fixes everything and makes you more confident about your presence on steemit, it helps you connect the dots better and faster. I found it really late in my case. But the few days I have been there have been greater. If you aren't there yet, I can introduce you on there. Tell me when you join. It will lead you to get the app, it is well easy on the app. You can get esteem too. It isn't very fast yet to use but at least the push notification feature works so you can know when someone mentions you or comments instantly without having to load up steemit to manually check...


I'm on steemspeak! I didn't know how to use 'discord' so I searched about usage today. Finally I talked with some people today. It is really nice place to talk and great.
Also I'm now getting esteem. Thank you for your valueable information.


yep good. i will look for you on there. did you see my recent post yet? please check. i sent you a request on fb, it was quite easy to recognize on there. my name is terry ajayi on fb

i cannot see this posting in kr category ??


Because he needs to use 4 tags. This is something that hasn't been fixed. So when he used 5 tags. The post only appears on only the first tag


Oh I didn't know that. Thank you for inform this.

와 이런식으로 가입인사를 하니 정말 멋있습니다 저도 조만간 sonzweil 방식을 본떠서 다시 정식으로 해보고 싶습니다! 앞으로 잘 부탁드립니다!