"Au-Delà Du Délire by Ange" (1974)

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"Au-Delà Du Délire" (released in 1974) is the name of the third album by the French progressive rock band, Ange. This is considered the masterpiece of this group and the truth is that it is a wonderful album. His musical style has a feeling of sadness and depression very similar to what we can hear in Van Der Graaf Generator; However, its sound structure sounds different, perhaps more along the lines also dark and disturbing of bands like Le Orme ... Dramatic guitars, atmospheres of tetric keyboards, great vocal parts very well sung and ultimately all of typical progressive rock components of the best kind. Here we can find songs full of contained rage, like "Les Longues Nuits dIsaac", others very melodic like "Godevin le Vilain" and others very symphonic like "Exode, Fils" by "Lumiere or La Bataille du Sucre" ...
It should be noted that the long "Au Dela Du Deliere" is mysterious and disturbing like the others, with a long guitar solo ... If you like Le Orme you will also like this album, which has nothing to envy Felona e Sorona ... =)

Album, released in 1974


  1. Godevin Le Vilain (2:57)
  2. Les Longues Nuits D'Isaac (4:10)
  3. Si J'étais Le Messie (3:00)
  4. Balade Pour Une Orgie (3:22)
  5. Exode (5:00)
  6. La Bataille Du Sucre (Inclus: La Colère Des Dieux) (6:30)
  7. Fils De Lumiere (3:52)
  8. Au Delà Du Délire (9:02)

Total Time: 37:53


  • Christian Décamps / lead vocals, piano, Hammond, harpsichord
  • Jean-Michel Brézovar / electric & 12-string guitars, mandolin, flute, backing vocals
  • Francis Décamps / Viscount organ, celesta, backing vocals
  • Daniel Haas / bass, Classical guitar
  • Gérard Jelsch / drums, percussions


  • Henry Lovstav / violin (1)
  • Eric Bibonne / child voice (6)
  • Michel Lefloch / Bernard L'Hermite voice (8)



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