Transfiguration of Christ: organ improvisation recital at Vilnius Cathedral

in sonicgroove •  5 months ago 

Yesterday I played this recital at Vilnius Cathedral which I livestreamed to Facebook, later uploaded the video to YouTube and today I'm sharing it here. It was pouring rain like from the bucket and my recital should have been called "Noah's Flood" instead of "Transfiguration of Christ". Eight of my colleagues and students organists listened to my playing and many more on livestream. Most of my colleagues haven't heard me play in years because they wouldn't attent my recitals for some reason. Now this gave me some street credit, I think.

Let me know your thoughts.

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I really liked it . And the rain was in place :)

Really nice!
I like the way you changed the registrations! Very skillful!

Thank you my friend! Changing registrations by hand is much easier in improvisation than in repertoire playing because you can adjust things to your liking.

How is your organ playing going these days? Missing your entries for the contest...

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