SonicGroove Is Here! Fellow Musicians Where Are You At?

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First of all i would like to thank the founders of the SonicGroove community for creating a new place where musicians can share their creative works and stuff.
I was beginning to feel like musicians on Steem blockchain were being left behind on matters SMTs and Tribe community development.
I was really praying and hoping that a new tribe for musicians be created on the steem blockchain one of these days and i am very glad we are finally here.
Been a musician/live performing artist for more than 5 years mainly singing with bands, rapping and also producing music and instrumentals in general.
Even though i have been sharing my musical stuff on blockchain platforms such as dsound, musicoin and choon, i am pretty excited that there is a new blockchain community to share more of my music and also a place to connect with other artists and fans.
I have been a Youtube producer for some time and the track above is one of those creations i created a few months ago and shared it on Youtube.
It's a track i created from deep inside my heart. Listen to it and let me know what you think.
Thank you.

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