THEY ARE HERE - Hip Hop/Trap Experimental - Track produced by @Lyon89

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What's up friends? Here I bring you a new musical concept, based on a UFO atmosphere, which is full of multiple progressions of various urban genres, I composed this theme in FL STUDIO and, although I am not a professional producer, I hope you can enjoy the result of this musical work .


separador de parrafo rojo.png

separador alien.png

Lyon89 (38).gif

Thanks for your attention.

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Great hop music you have in there, i really love the tunes and the awesome pitches , everything about the music is on point and i hope to listen to more of these great tunes soon, Great job

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Thank you for your support and for the information @ferrate

you are humbly welcome and keep the neoxian tag buzzing on all quality contents of yours.

love listening to this! it really gives off that eerie and weird vibe of an extraterrestrial setting. great work buddy!

Thank you very much my friend @andywong

ehy dear @lyon89, great job! I love it! How much patience does it take for such a job? the alien interference is perfect both in the music and in the video !! do you really think this would be their soundtrack? congratulations! Keep on :-))

To do this type of work, a lot of passivity and musical skill is required, thanks for your valuable attention, thanks for listening, thanks my friend @road2horizon

my pleasure! thank you for sharing

Love the alien vibes :)

I'm glad you liked my work, I love this kind of concept, I'm thinking of creating more jobs like that. Regards !!

Nice cover art

Thank you

Hi lyon89,

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IT'S GREAT! I really like the rhythm, it's cool and very nice to listen to, excellent friend !! You're the best👏👏

Thank you very much for your encouraging comment my friend, thanks for listening to my work <3 @iamsaray