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Mo Awesome Mo

I'm not sure you like when people or myself or maybe strangers speak about your beauty. I'm sure you have a mirror and don't need affirmation from the likes of me. That being said it's hard not to speak the obvious!!!!!!

That's why I renamed beautiful sunset to "Mo Set"
(my daughter laughs at me)
But agrees. Lol

Anyway I must say your singing voice is just as beautiful as you!!!!!

Great job and courage to do that!!!

The lady in the band also has a beautiful voice

You both sounded great.

(I'm not sure of your cooking skills)

I feel confident when you Open your cafe
That you can draw in the customers as an entertainer 🌷🌷🌷

Ward @benfreed

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Hahahah Thanks a lot! I'm glad I did and I actually would love to do this more often if any band would allow me to do again lol Thanks for watching as always :)

I really think you should !!!
You did great

Mo you are a very talented person
I believe you can do anything you put your heart in to!!!!

I follow several people on steem
I only comment on a few and you are definitely in the Top 3

I look forward to your post and definitely your videos

There is something different about Your videos
Its hard to explain

But some how I think they make people feel they are experiencing what you are doing. Its like being there
In the restaurant or at the event or wherever you go
Yet I'm a million miles away

Does that make sense

It does in my head. 😂😂😂

Any how. You really do an awesome JOB

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Thank you! You know that means a lot to any content creator so I am sure grateful. I'm glad you like what I do here ! :)

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