🎵#Song-Challenge 💿 Day 37: A Thunderstorm Song

in song-challenge •  3 months ago

The topic of Day 37 of the 30-Day #song-challenge is "A song in the mood of a Thunderstorm", as picked by @valkyrion.

Two songs came to mind immediately: November Rain by Guns N' Roses and this version of Toto's Africa below.

It really is a super special no-instruments version by a Slovenian choir, that you just have to see!

Enjoy! :)

This is the 30-day #song-challenge - a Steemit promotion and community-building exercise. See this post for details. and also this one

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Das ist ja super wie die das Gewitter machen. Echt toll!
Kennst Du diese Coverversion? Find ich auch klasse:


Wow, super Stimme!!

Piękne. Pozdrawiam :-)