NASA's Solar Probe! How Will They Protect It From Melting?

in solar-probe •  5 months ago

How To Survive 2 to 3 Million Farenheit of Heat?

NASA's Solar probe? It's an amazing project!

It can survive the extreme extreme heat of Sun's Corona! How?

Watch the following video!

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It goes there at night...


Hahahaa.... Right. Cool Night!


It's not out at are they going to find it? lol


They'll guess (I guess). lol

Nasa is the best..good project,, #upvoted and #resteemd

This is really a good project .. with this sun can be explored ..

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Interesting and great video...

Something extraordinary out of the world feat achieved by the scientists

I had that same question when I first read about the probe's mission, but then I forgot about it and never looked it up! Your post reminded me and explained everything, thanks!

WELL DONE** @mathworksheets

Amazing project nice post sir

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