Monster Energy Mutant Soda Review

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This post is a review of Monster Energy’s Mutant Soda in the White Lightning flavor.

I ran across this soda at the store and was intrigued, as I am a fan of Monster Energy drinks and had not heard of this soda before, so I figured I would give it a try.


As you can tell from the picture, this is a 20 ounce soda in fairly standard packaging – nothing too spectacular in those terms. It cost $1.00 USD, so about the cost of any other 20 ounce soda on its own.

I gave it a try today so here is my review:

The soda has less carbonation that most other sodas on the market. Without significant carbonation, the soda was fairly smooth and easy to drink. I also was able to get the familiar taste of Monster Energy drink in the favoring, so in that regard, it was a good spin on the popular original taste. I taste almost had a citrusy start, and a slightly sour-y finish, and it reminded me a little bit of a SunKist soda, which has the taste of an orange as its base.


Overall, I thought it was OK, but did not find it spectacular or particularly unique.

I give it a 3 out of 5 Steem.

Give this mediocre rating, I would definitely say it did not live up to the “white lightning” name – which is an outlaw con whiskey, not aged in a barrel, and famous in the US as illegally brewed and sold moonshine.

Thank you for reading, and let me know if you have ever tried this soda or the real “white lightning”.


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soda is a main important part one of them in our life.i know various kinds of soda matter.but i am first time heard about energy Mutant Soda. its fully new thing for taste it? i am first seen this types soda.thank you sharing for your high thought quality post.its very good thing of learning.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great post.may god bless you and your family..all the best. my best wishes alltime with dear friend.. @brian.rrr

Great review! I haven't drunk a soda or anything like an energy drink in 5yrs because I only drink water and rarley some juice.

I've never been a big soda drinker but the kids seem to love Monster drinks. I have been seeing some of the Moonster alcoholic drinks in our liquor stores. I'm guessing those things pack some punch.


I haven’t seen any with alcohol but I am going to have to keep an eye out now... thanks for the tip!

You're right it's a common bottle maybe I like the color of its label and the black lid

Good review was fine but not something amazing to der from that brand the taste sure was fine at least you enjoyed it greetings

Friend I have not tried that white lightning soda I think the only one that I love is pepsi is my favorite

Monster energy drinks are good I have had the opportunity to try them and I see that this does not have a high score

Greetings to all at home

At the beginning I also thought that it could have a different flavor is something common maybe only that it changes the bottle a bit

I have some time that I do not drink energy drinks they cost a lot of money here where I lived

Friend, I have never tried that white ray either, I'm curious to know what it is

3 out of 5 Steem, ha ha cool ratings. And good to see this soda and your experience, and also you've used effective GIF to give an personal effect to this review. Keep up and enjoy your work.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Thanks buddy... trying to keep it interesting. Thanks for stopping by!


Thanks buddy... trying
To keep it interesting.
Thanks for stopping by!

                 - brian.rrr

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You should try Mountain Dew voltage

It is always good to try new sensations on the palate, sometimes this leads us to want to repeat the experience. That laugh that you already see the price and the value of the things based on Steem!

I have not heard the taste of lightning before
It seems useful and wonderful
I was good at filming, my friend

not a big fan of Monster drinks far too sugary , my hubby loves them though , but he goes to sleep after too many .but good review x

The soda is not in my area. Looks like I really want to try to drink it.

I also never heard about this before.
I want to try it 😋

I wish i could have it here :(