The meaning of a criticism

in #sociology2 years ago

In building a relationship with other people certainly not far away with the friction, dissent, sincerity and oversight. As social beings, it is fitting for us to remind each other that friction friction that occurs in a social relationship can be minimized. And one of the things we can do to remind each other is to criticize or respond is one thing that is often done to remind the mistakes of others. Constructive criticism would be a good thing to remind each other, but even good criticism can make the heartache of the person we criticize

Giving criticism is not as easy as just delivering what is less pleasing to our side only. Criticism of course not all responded wisely and airy chest, there are times when criticism can make others hurt even emotion

Criticism is a matter of analyzing and evaluating things in order to improve understanding, expand appreciation, or help improve work.


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