"Deadly Serious" - Jim Kunstler Warns The Left Is Playing With Fire

in society •  last month

The shooting in Australia got a lot of people's attention.

One person who commented what took place was President Trump. As usual, he stated things completely without syntax and placed himself at the center of it all. Leaving that aside, his lack of filter does point to a harsh reality.

Trump stated that he has tough people who support him. He has the police, military, and bikers. So far, according to the President, only the left played a tough game. Push his supporters far enough, and it will not end well.

This is something that should concern every American. There is enough fire power out there that the right could wage a civil war the left is unable to comprehend. Unless the left comes to the table to seriously discuss illegal immigration, things could turn very bad.

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I disagree with your analysis. Illegal immigration is not an objective threat to anyone, it is in fact helpful to the USA economy, although legal immigration would be better politically, it is the regressive ICE policy which is creating more illegalities, by restricting the criteria for asylum. The greatest threat facing the USA is economic inequality. Who are truly "threatened" by low paid migrant labourers? Answer: Low wage unskilled workers. If the USA raises the minimum wage to a $20/hour liiving wage, outlaws any one-off price hikes, and taxes capital gains relentlessly and bans offshore tax havens, then economic inequality is reduced and societal tensions are eased, and people will be chill about migrant labour. When the GOP and white nationalists create hysteria about the imagined immigration threat, they are not being all that disingenuous, because it is deliberate propaganda designed to make dumb-ass liberals cower in retreat. My advice is to trust ordinary people. They know all this hysteria is manufactured bullshit. Fascism will surely continue to rise but not overwhelm the USA there are too many good people living in the USA, only 40% of you are scared cowardly homophobic xenophobic lunatics who need guns to protect themselves rather than good words and deeds.