The story of fox, flesh and a priest

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In my childhood, my father told me this story:

Long ago, a truthful priest lived in this forest. Her Morals Strictly Never lied in life. Eyes in Heaven The priest is praying in the temple for one day. Suddenly a small child appeared in the lap of a woman wandering in fear. It seems like he has chased a great danger.
He said, "Father, give us shelter in your temple. Kill my baby, they will save us." The priest said, "I do not know who is responsible for what is wrong, but the temple is the house of God, if you want to hide in it. Mom ran away inside her temple with her child.

Some people appeared there after some people with sharp weapons. He looked at the priest and said, "The priest, a girl has run on this path, sinfulness, the daughter of the girl, where she is in the temple?"

For a while, the priest thought. There is little to left of his life. What is the sacrifice of all the life, sacrifice and devotion to life for this woman? God's mercy will be denied, will you lie? Why? Who knows, that's really the fault of the girl. Then slowly raised the finger - showed that the girl is inside the temple. The "people" went inside. The girl pulled out and dragged her out He slaughtered him. Then the mother's "sin" struck the child with a loud blow to the priest in front of him. Hung priests Praying ears open the eyes, to a strange god - that prayer will cover the woman, the child's final screams.

On the New Year's day when women were tortured, one day the phone was discussing this matter with the younger sister. She is a teacher of a private university in Dhaka. Sadly, "I think girls are a big enemy of girls, some women in my university say that the girls have the fault or they do not have clothes to be worn by the girls, and boys will do the same thing, and that's why they need to go to these crowds.?

I was not surprised to hear a sigh of relief. Because I have heard this national argument many times many women. I thought of the little sister, is the fact that women are the biggest enemies of women? In this country, the number of women who are tortured for dowry will be seen, almost every one of them has the active hand of a mother-in-law.

Why? To get an answer, go to the detector's door to find out what's on the back, but the answer will not be there. What we know as male domination is actually a process. Both women or men can hold the results of this process equally. Simon the Buehuen 1 said this because "nobody becomes born of women, gradually becomes a woman".

What is the process of becoming a woman in our society? The "good" girl does not ask, does not laugh loudly, does not speak loudly, does not argue, does not protest, does not talk about her own needs. He does not understand the complexity, not politics. His body keeps his eyes covered in shame, so he keeps himself covered. Covering the head, covering the head, even when it is not done then put your face. Once upon a time, the struggle for self-love Remember the story of "Little Marmaid" from Hans Christian Anderson? That little nymph, who gradually lost one of the intangibles to be acceptable to the prince and his society? Finally his voice loses. 2

In the eyes of the society, "good" girls are nothing but the eyes wandering on both feet, without a face covered in the naked eye. Taslima Nasrin said, as long ago, "Falal fish meat is wasted, as well as the girl is also wasted." And the "good" men are like "pious" priests like "N'Mansh". Sometimes he is a protector, but most of the times, the desire to become a man in the eyes of the society, denounces the impotent "spoiler" - does not fight against it.

What is the exception? There must definitely be. Sometimes, in this unfortunate country, luckily, two Littans, Suman and Amit are found, but in the country of tens of thousands of people, they remain in the account of exceptions. In this context, thanks to those exceptional women, ignoring hundreds of obstacles and colorful eyes, who protested against the violence of women in the New Year, and even arranged another Baishakh.

The man in this society He is also the keeper Because we have assumed "hero" means male. Pritilata, Jahanara Imam, Matia, Hasina, Tarman Bibi and hundreds of thousands of heroin women still remain a symbol of torture, they do not have their own motives in the role of protesting heroes. In this country, twice the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, a Khaleda Begum burns children in the afternoon, empty her mother's book. Shamshandit tamarind sulfies give distorted saliva and give it all to democracy and we hear it by the civil unions. With belly flowers and wagons, our fragrance afternoon. 3

Do not be angry, do not hate, because we do not have to worry about good girls. If the man comes and bows in Punjab then we can be saved, and if we think of being a sister, we can become a mother, and we can do it. Finally, in protest of the oppression of women, a man can stand on a side in the protesting program of the men, and feel free release. We have sacrificed the most in this country's war, we were once the most powerful voice in the trial of war criminals, but in the forefront of this movement, how many women are there under intellectual and organizational leadership? Where is the effective leadership of women in those groups who even talk about the politics of Sociology in this country?

In this way, the priests and women who are being run in search of an unknown heaven, in order to be good in the eyes of a society, are constantly engaged in 'unbridled' women. The fact that they do not know is that even if thousands of births were born, even if they kept a fire test hundreds of times, but clinging themselves to five hundred yards of cloth, digging a huge ditch and clapping their soil from them sitting in them, the society would not feel secure, And inevitably the society will find out exactly the feline and the flesh will find each other.

I am a mother, mother of three year old son. A few days ago I was suffering from fever. I am lying on the bed lying silent. Suddenly the sound of the feet - then the small hand shadow on your chest, kiss on your forehead. The son is lying on my chest mouth. He does not know how to keep his life-saving life alive in the eyes of the society, how many times he is ashamed of him - a thousand years of scandal that is covered with twelve hand cloth,

The son knows father goes to work, mother too If you need something, you need to ask your mother not to your father. My son still does not understand why the eyes of the mother was soaked repeatedly repeatedly. He does not know that on 15th August, when the mother looks at the image of a tiger, with the help of the hand, He does not know why Abhijit, why did the parents get hurt when they heard the names of floods. She does not know why she said 'Joy Bangla' in her hands, but she kissed the forehead on the forehead. But one day he will surely know.

My son does not know what his beloved friend "Bobin", the surprise or the identity of the religion of Maun She does not know her daily play-father Isabella is a little girl. Before Isabella learned the identity of the characters, the skills to run scooter are more than that. Tomorrow, when a wicked boy pulled his soft cocked hair, he came alive like a tigress and saved him from Isabeli. My son does not know whether he is Hindu, Muslim or Christian. I and my father will try to make all the efforts of our lives to be successful. Let's get these "truths" that they never know.

I'm not ashamed to admit I am an able, failed mother. As a teacher, we can try to make a "man" as a woman. I do not know how to forgive, succeed in society and make good "men" or "women".


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