Why being "pro science" is not equal to being "anti conspiracy theory"

in #society3 years ago (edited)

You often hear people equate superstitious thinking with "conspiracy theory". This is actually false, and, a belief only a superstitious mind could come up with. The foundation of the modern world is that the power should be held with the people. This requires the people to be vigilant to, and hold accountable, any attempts for any minority party to take power by conspiring - from con + spirae, breathing together - against the majority will of the people. The concept "conspiracy theory" is the foundation of the social infrastructure that has developed in parallel with the mythos of Science.

"Science" as a meme and a toolkit, comes from the word scire, knowledge, same as in conscious or conscience. It just means knowledge. The acquisition of knowledge obviously follows certain rules. To have to define those rules is a bit superfluous because they are the logical rules for knowledge acquisition throughout all of the history of the human species, or any species capable of learning. To define those self-evident rules and package them as a mantra, isn't necessarily a bad thing. But it can be actually. It can be done to claim a monopoly position on the basic principles of knowledge acquisition, the foundation of human culture since millions of years. The people who enjoy the mythos of "but science!" have to be self-aware of that risk as well.

I myself see "Science" as a technology, a formal protocol much like TCP/IP or the Ethereum Virtual Machine is a formal protocol. It encompasses the extra-cerebral components such as books, or other stores of data, whereas knowledge acquisition might often be thought of as a less industrialized process. But as a technology, it is truly neutral and definitely apolitical. Neutrality is actually the most important rule in the coordination protocol "Science" and actually the only reason to abide to a protocol. To claim that when Thomas Jefferson said "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance", he was somehow offending and committing a sin to "Science" by expressing reasoning by bias (which he wasn't... he was doing the opposite.. ), is complete nonsense and the dumbest thing anyone could claim.

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