The negative effects of censorship weakens societal ties

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According to Wikipedia - Censorship is a situation where by speech, public communication, or other information is subdued on the basis that the material is considered harmful, sensitive and objectionable to the public. The act of Censorship can be conducted by controlling bodies governments, private institutions.

Censorship takes place in every country all over the world. Every country has ways of controlling censorship, that is all countries share the same forms of censorship. All societies are affected by it in one way or another.

In general, censorship is the control and the supervision of ideas and information that are released and circulated among the individuals within a given society. Censorship is implemented in different ways, in the United States curse words and nudity are being blocked or muted out which is most of the censorship they experience. It is way different in Poland and Ukraine.

Media is a huge part of people’s lives in this modern day and a source of basically every information, if an information is not passed accurately or fully the. The society will be left uneducated. In this case Media censorship can really hinder a society if it is bad enough. Both Poland and Ukraine experience this form of censorship, but it is more common in Ukraine because they are in a state of crisis. As a matter of fact this type of censorship in these two (2) countries is a major setback in today’s world, this is so because globalization and International communication are such major advances in the world. If the news that is being released to these societies is inaccurate, bias, one sided and only what the government wants the people to hear and believe, then it won’t be possible to fully understand and accept other cultures and countries.

Censorship is the most effective way to reduced or deprive people from exercising their right to freedom of speech. This is how it works; when a media house has to report on only what favors the government and hide a part of the truth from people, with that we can say they do not have the freedom to express theirselves in sincerity. In most countries including Nigeria people have to be careful of the information they are putting out there, even if they say their citizens should exercise their freedom of speech , but your freedom after speak is not guaranteed, there can be some serious consequences for their words and actions.

Conventional wisdom assumes that an increase in censorship will decrease the access to information by the society.

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