How will you use Linkedin Videos

More Interaction for your Business.

I previously blogged about the video addition to Linkedin This option adds a whole new dimension on how you promote your Linkedin Business as well as your personal profile.

So, how can you utilise this?
As a business, this is a fantastic tool for getting your products noticed, no longer restricted by static photos, you can show your product in action, create great interactive videos highlighting the features and so much more.
You can also use the video option to create training videos for your employees as well as clients. A great way of raising product or service knowledge using explainer tutorials, walk-throughs, and beginners guides.
Personal Promotion.
On a more personal note, if you are on Linkedin and are looking to be hired, what better way to compliment your uploaded C.V. with a video introduction to yourself, this will allow potential employers to get to know you a lot better than just staring at pages of text with your qualifications and experience.
You can also use the Linkedin Video option to accompany your blogs and articles, again giving much more depth and encouraging more engagement.
Linkedin Limitless Video Potential
We really have only scratched the surface of the potential of what you can do with Linkedin Videos, whether it is company or self promotion. If you have and ideas or suggestions that I have missed I would love to hear them, please leave a comment on how you would use Linkedin videos for yourself or your business.

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