Has the world really changed?

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IMG-20180905-WA0026.jpg this is the reality today. The phone is now the closest spouse, friend, confidant and bestie for many people. Most people spend more time on their phones than they do with their relationship...children are left on their own to grow while parents and disunity by it! Its good that we have this technology but when it has more control than we do over our lives, then there is a problem.

The story is told of a child who when going through his mum's ipad stumble on an adult movie (porn/blue film). The mum was on her phone away from the child whose eyes' glued to the screen. Nobody knew how long the 6year old child was on the phone until he was reported by the school teacher of his 'practicals' on his class mates. And of course the "disciplinarian" mum was blaming the school for it until the child revealed the source of his training.

Though the internet and social media is good and can teach us alot, we have to try as much as possible to ensure that every mind that accesses a content is matured enough for that content. We dont need preys BUT people who understand the content of the information they access and how effectively to use it.

And of course,
It is with Love!

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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Yes definitely

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Yes, this is true. Many don't read any longer because the 'careless' parents have no time to stay with their children. In those, it was not like that. May God help us in this generation, @ outhori5ed, thanx.