Steemit new Alternatives

in socialmedia •  3 months ago

There are some new Steemit like platforms on the web these days and I expect the number will increase exponentially from now on. I have already tried two of them, both are very similar to Steemit, in fact I think they are just replicas of this platform.

The first one I tried was yesterday Weku it is like I said very similar to the Steemit experience and is very easy to use, now I had frankly never heard of Weku, I can not vouch for it being legit but as I have nothing to lose I am giving it a try and hope that it will turn out OK and prosper.

The other one is Whaleshares I found this one rather more difficult to join as I think you have to previously have had a whaleshares wallet which luckily I did have. Apart from that it is straightforward and the interface is very similar to Steemit so no problem there.

I guess a lot of these platforms will be popping up in the near future, I don't think all of them will be successful but I think a few of them will be able to get established and will share a part of the social media networks.

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