Government web of socialist programs

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(My Eastern New Mexico News column for March 15, 2017- I am contractually prohibited from posting the entire column anywhere other than the newspaper's site for 30 days. Sorry.)


Frequently, people see a problem and demand government step in to solve it, without noticing government is the cause of the problem in the first place. Adding more government to a problem is like trying to fight a fire by piling dry wood on it.

"Public" school is one of the most stubborn cases of mistaking a problem for a solution. Even among otherwise sensible people, as soon as you bring up "public schools", reason flies out the window, and is instantly replaced with deep emotion. Extraterrestrial visitors might be excused for believing they are witnessing devotion to a religion instead of to a government program... read the rest...


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social programs aren't actually socialist lmao

Actually, they don't have to be... unless implemented by the State. And then they automatically become socialist.

@BadQuakerDotCom is mostly posting blog content from 2011, so you're still ahead of the curve if your stuff is only a month old!

Everything other than the newspaper columns is actually posted here before being posted anywhere else. (And, I don't generally even post the whole newspaper column here after the 30 days- unless the paper "forgets" to put it online.)

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