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In the last decades, daily habit of the people around the world and almost all the industries have been affected and reshaped by the latest technologies with the help of the globalization. Specifically, the Internet has catalyzed the transformation and quick adoption of the digital world enabling both the changes in various sectors and the presentation of the brand-new ones. For instance, due to the rapid spread of the computers and relatively easy access to the Internet, new industries and platforms such as now e-commerce, online advertisements, online marketing and sale, networking platforms, social media platforms and many other platforms have emerged and become dominant in the market. Among the changing industries, marketing sector has become much more significant for the businesses because the new technologies and online platforms alter rules of the competition in the marketplace. Therefore, the quick adoption of the latest trends and reaching out the targeted audience have become vital for them. 

With the rapid spread of the social media platforms recently, there has been a new type of marketing and online advertisement method thanks to the people who have power the influence audiences via various platforms. Like most of the new industries, however, there are several problems in the Influencer Marketing sector such as lack of the stable and transparent platform for the Influencers, issues regarding the boost of collaboration, yield, and effectiveness. Although some initiatives aim to facilitate the sectors, they are not able to provide long-term enterprise solutions, and they ignore the potential of the Influencer Agents embracing the Middle-Man understanding. As Influencers suffer from the lack of reliable platform, transparency, and methods of cooperation, large businesses and retailers are not able to analyze the marketing solutions and outcomes of the Influencer Marketing Campaigns. Even though most of the brands want to catch up with the latest trends, they have no choice other than traditional online advertising campaigns that are not effective anymore like in the past due to the increasing usage of the ad-blocking applications or extensions. 

The dedicated team members, having in-depth knowledge of the sector and valuable experience, introduce the SocialCxN platform that is enterprise level platform based on the blockchain technology available as Software as a Service to offer convenient solutions to fundamental challenges of the Influencer Marketing for all the parties in the sector. SocialCxN presents an innovative platform that will reshape and transform the Influencer Marketing sector utilizing the blockchain ledgers. 

The team behind the project realized the potential of the Influencer Marketing, the power of the social networks and the essential challenges, so they decided to offer unique tools and features within the SocialCxN platform for the facilitation of the productivity as well as collaboration. Instead of the current traditional campaigns, all the brands and retailers will be able to reach out the targeted audience and take advantage of the incredible opportunities to catch up with the big businesses.  

SocialCxN defines the actors in the Influencer Marketing as the content creators, content distributors, digital consultants and emerging Initial Coin Offering bounty hunters. Influencers who are already able to monetize their ability to influence people will enjoy the transparent, much useful and productive platform with the combination of the  Digital PR as well as Influencer Marketing. With the help of the blockchain ledgers, SocialCxN will offer scalable, broad and comprehensive Influencer Marketing. 

In fact, SocialCxN has already begun to cooperate with white-shoe-firms, so participants of the platform will enjoy the exponential growth of the company. Mostly, participants of the SocialCxN platform will take advantage of the long-term successful projects and campaigns instead of disappointing short-term ones with the help of big data tools and advanced automated advice in the whole marketing processes. 

Also, SocialCxN presents the reliable rating system and data-driven system for the improvement of the services and products, so both influencers and brands will come together working in a secure and trustworthy environment, and Influencer Marketing will be available as the B2C and B2B business model. SocialCxN fundamentally detects large enterprises, startups, non-profit organizations, and political campaigns as the distinct first target groups.      

In fact, SocialCxN has already presented its influencer platform waiting for the blockchain adoption that will occur shortly. The Software as a Service-based SSocialCxN platform enables the interaction between brands and influencers based on the enhancement of collaboration understanding. Therefore, brands, influencers, digital agencies and influencer agents as vital stakeholders in the market can benefit from the advanced tools and services at the moment. 

Thanks to the SocialCxN platform, brands as well as digital agencies can enjoy the data-driven and productivity-focused tools such as messaging, reports and budget administration. They can not only work with the existing Influencer partners but also can seek new partnerships to promote their service, product, entity, and content taking advantage of the reviews and ratings. Influencer and their agents can focus on the ratings and reviews to promote their power benefitting from the innovative tools and services.   

CXN Tokens  

SocialCxN team introduces the CXN tokens as the utility tokens of the platform. Participants will need to have CXN tokens to buy goods and services within the platform. Holders of the token will be part of the future of the Influencer Marketing and enjoy considerable profits with the growth of the SocialCxN platform.   

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