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We can simply say influencer marketing is an act of promoting and selling product or services through people (influencers) who have the capacity to have an effect on the brand. What has made influencers marketing unique in the present age is how the social media communication has leveled the playing field and given anyone and everyone the opportunity to share their voice. Anyone with internet access can share their opinions and content, and if they do it well enough, they become an influencers.

In recent time, Social media is arguably the major network for marketing as lots of brands has adopted the social media to advertise their products and put them to the masses and all these happens through the influencers like Celebrities, athletes through their social media handles. It is easy for them to promote a brand's product to the masses as most of them has like 40 million followers on their social media handle like instagram.

Despite the connections that exists between the Brands and the influencers, their are still challenges that are putting a kind if set back to the industry. Brands are unable to reach their preferred influencers directly because most of the influencers operates through an agent. that is, a brand has to meet with influencers agents first before they can know there fate with the influencers.

Many Brands have difficulties relinquishing creative control which can result in messaging that sounds like sounds like insincere and scripted, which can also be extremely detrimental.

The existing platform are faced with with scaling challenges because their is no enterprise level platform available in the market even though there are many tools available in the market and also there is no provision for a long term solution which they can compare and evaluate performance against historic and market data because all existing platform are based on running individuals influence campaigns for brands.

The SocialCXN

SocialCxN is on target to be the first decentralized influencer management platform built on Blockchain technology. With existing major brands already on our platform as customers, we are the next generation social application for Brands, Retailers, Startups, and Enterprises that are looking for greater visibility in the social media ecosystem in collaboration with content creators & distributors.

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The SocialCXN is the next generation platform that is developed to be the next and best influencer managing productivity tool.

The SocialCXN has planned and provided solutions to the problems facing the industry by:
Allowing the Brands to search for and collaborate with the best online media influencers across the social media with reduction in the time taken to execute digital media campaigns an also with a great transparency into the influencers effectiveness.

Provision of an easy to use and secure platform will reduce the risks of digital interactions for both the brands and influencers.

Through SocialCXN, an intuitive easy to use interface has been created and I will allow Brands and agencies to search and manage influencers directly thereby eliminating the need for agents and intermediaries.


About Token (CXN)
The CXN is mainly used to fuel the start of the SocialCXN campaign.

Token Use Cases
The token will enable instant payments for the influencers after completing the campaign and will also enable Brands to connect with any influencer for content creation without any financial limitation.

Thanks for reading, I am Folajuwon on Bountyhive

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Nice write-up bro.. I will really like to invest in this project. Thanks for the info

This is a project to watch out for. Thanks for the information

This is really nice... This is an helpful write up, am taking a look on this

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