11th sciencevienna networking: YEOV meetup in March

in socialbusiness •  7 months ago 

11th sciencevienna networking.jpg

Young Entrepreneurs of Vienna invited for the huge and controversial topic "social entrepreneurship". Against the backdrop of local press' bleak prospects, Goran Maric & Okan McAllister were offering some insights around their day-to-day operations, cooperations and financing pillars. Goran Maric's efforts to develop a finance app in quants obsessed world which is distancing us rather than uniting us is as much honorable as Okan Mc Allister's ventures conglomerate, especially for bridging the world of education/training and workplace/jobmarket. These two efforts for impact and the change of broken systems is out of question. Changing institutional rules is probably the most promising driving force to convince managers of traditional corp. May those two social businesses thrive and blossom!


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