Karma (Dapp Review) : Do Good, Share And Earn

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From the beginning, we all believe in the word Karma which is acts of doing good or showing kindness to one another especially those really in need. Even though there are many ways we can engage in karma and help others, we still believe that the best way is to help others financially and most don't have financial means to help and this usually prevents people from helping. Someone thought of the idea of creating a community where people can make use of in helping others.


What is Karma?

Karma is a social website which can serve as a blog where you do good to others, blog about it and earn. Am been on the Karma platform for weeks now and have seen how it is being done. Everyday, we have different blog post of people helping those in need, make video recording and upload on the karma website for others to see and upvote. Not only that, this method can be of more help to that particular person in need,How? For instance, I saw someone who is need let say financially, and I could only render little help to the person, I can make a video record of it, as long as am a member in karma platform, I can ask for more help from the whole community and those interested will be able to render support thereby fulfilling the aim of the karma community.

KARMA is a decentralized social network designed to incentivize users to do good in the world and receive KARMA for helping out mankind. Some have described it as “Instagram” on EOS.

Taking it to the blockchain part, KARMA is an EOS blockchain dapp which was developed by ateam who believes in creating a world on EOSIO that will change our means on communication. Presently KARMA ranked 21st among other stateofthedapps social apps.

To Make Use Of Karma App


Before you can start using Karma, you will first need to have an EOS account using Meetoneor eoslynx because your eos private key is what you will need to login on Karma. After obtaining your key, download karma app on playstore, open the app and wait for it to load.

After coming up, next the messages then input your eos private keys, then you can set up your karma profile, and also input your pictures. Then submit.


After submitting your details, you will need to understand some features you will see next, we have:

  • The Upvote Button: using the image above the upvote key is in the red circle, this also resembles like on social media like Facebook. You can make use of it to cast a vote on another member karma post.
  • The Down vote Button: this is in the blue circle, this key can be used to flag (dislike)a post that is going again the karma rules or trying to game/spam the system
  • Comment Button: is the next and it is in the green circle, this can be used to start a conversation with the author of the post.
  • Share Button: to create more visibility to a particular post you can click on the share button and share it to other social media platforms
  • Report Post: can be used to report a post to the karma community especially post that are going against the community rules.


The image above is the navigating icons and it can perform following functions

  • The Karma icon: if you click the icon in red, it will take you to the feed section where you can view different karma post, and it is divided into three pages

The Popular Page which serve as the trending page where you can view the most upvote post

The Home Page where you can directly see the post of those you are following

The New Page where you can view new post of different authors on the platform

  • The Search Icon: this section you can make use of the search button to search different karma username of your choice
  • The Plus Icon: clicking this icon, it will take you to section where you can write your post, upload image and videos.
  • The Activity Section: this is the section where you can view all your activities on the app, if you upvote, down vote, comment on post etc.
  • The Wallet Section: this section is where you can view your followers and also those following you, you can also check your Karma token and claim them. You can power up and power down from this section as well.


Some Things Needed On Karma

My point of view on the app, karma still need to implement some certain things on the app which include

  • Implementing Add More Account Option

Adding more accounts option will be of great use on the platform, A karma members could not access his karma account, and he asked me for help but I couldn't do anything because I have to clear my karma app cache before I can log in to his account.

  • Receiving Voting Error

Most time when I want to vote other karma users post, I always receive voting error, and most time I do have cpu which I rented. I even stake my karma token but didn't solve the issue. So I have to power down my token to purchase more ram, cpu and net which suppose not to be.


Karma is really a great platform, there have been different project ideas where users contribute karma token and help those in needs and also engage in bringing more members on broad and some were given phones as karma bonus in other for them to be able to join the community

Disclaimer: This does not serve as a financial advice. Make sure you make a proper and adequate research first before engaging in investing in any cryptocurrencies or any digital asset. This blog post was done to give entertainment and educative purposes only.

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