Why should WOMEN wear panties

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Back in the old days, women don’t use the same panty styles that we use today. They had the bloomers, pantalettes, knickers, underpants and different other styles of the same purpose. Even if women are already wearing clothes that cover the entire body, our genital area needs to be covered still.

We know for a fact that a woman’s genitalia is so sensitive that it can easily get exposed to dirt due to its moist nature. Without panty or any other undergarment cover your sex organ will be prone to bacterial infections that it may get if you go somewhere wearing skirt but without panty. In addition, it’s use for hygienic purpose. The cotton garment absorbs the moist produced by the vagina.

If you’re wearing jeans however (but still without panty or other undergarments) just imagine how irritating it would feel if your genitals touch the rough texture of your jeans while you walk. You’re lucky if you don’t have swollen v....a when you get home.

There are several important purposes why panty was created, but for me it’s main purpose is for protection. If you think that you won’t get exposed to dirt and infection and you will just stay at home, then don’t wear panty at all if that will make you comfortable. But for your sensitive female organ to get protected from bacterial infection, for goodness sake wear panty! what’s your problem with wearing panty?

Next to protection is fashion. There are different designs and colors of panty created these days and many women wear them even if nobody sees it except themselves. It adds self-confidence just by knowing that you’re wearing a stylish panty.

Lastly, it adds zest to your romantic night. Admit it or not, a woman becomes more attractive when wearing beautiful panty during a romantic moment than not wearing one☺. So it’s better invest on a beautiful panty if you want your partner to get more excited with you. You should think of yourself like a beautiful flower attracting a butterfly ready for pollination. Just the sight of a beautiful color and style could already heat up your partner.

For those who have scheduled romantic evening on valentines day, you know what to do! Go and grab a beautiful panty and get more attractive on your partner’s eyes.

From www.quora.com and by Sery Leyco, former CEIT

SoI intended to do an artwork, on why it's important for women to wear panties and how beautiful they look in the panties.Practise.jpg


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