How Hershey’s India created logo awareness thru Valentine’s Day marketing campaign

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Hershey’s India released ‘That’s What we Said’ leveraging Instagram capabilities targeting present day couples for emblem cognizance campaign.
The brand awareness campaign case examine explores how Hershey’s used Instagram’s ‘Pull & Zoom’ characteristic and more for an interactive marketing campaign.

Category Introduction
The chocolate class in urban India is predicted to be USD $1.four B (14,000 Cr INR). Within that, the top class chocolate class constitutes a primary chunk of around ~3499 Cr, growing annually at ~10%.

The category is witnessing a boom with premiumization, where consumers demand specific flavors, one of a kind tastes, and textures, as well as unusual ingredients, and are willing to pay a top class for such experiences.

Brand Introduction
Many customers are not conscious that the Hershey’s Bar became the first product to be introduced in America by means of the Hershey Company. It is a 125-year-old brand and is still the molded chocolate bar in America and available across 70+ international locations globally.
In India, Hershey’s bars are available in three variants- the classic Creamy Milk, the Whole Almonds variant packed with California Almonds and the Cookies ‘n’ Creme variant.
Hershey India desired to convey that distinct experience for the Indian customers and hence launched pan India in Jan 2020.

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