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Minds is little contrasted with Facebook—it just has around one million clients, 110,000 or so of whom are dynamic every month—except it's an unmistakable case of what it would seem that when a stage rearranges the customary advertisement upheld demonstrate. It doesn't feel totally not quite the same as Facebook, at any rate not at first. The website's landing page is a news channel, with tabs for perusing pictures, recordings, sites, and gatherings at the highest point of the page. In the event that you don't tail anybody specifically, it rapidly loads up with what might be compared to promotions, which Minds calls "Lifts." (You can likewise oust all the helped posts from your feed with a $5 Minds Plus month to month membership.)

In an invigorating change from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever remains of the significant stages, Minds has likewise held an entirely turn around ordered course of events. The center of the Minds involvement, however, is that clients get "tokens" when others communicate with their posts, or just by investing energy in the stage.

Give me a chance to give you a fast beginning aide with

It would be ideal if you remember, that the site is still in beta so a couple of things may appear to be inconvenient, yet it's exceptionally encouraging.

Sign up for an account

You join by visiting, you don't have to give any close to home data past a username of your decision, and your email address. You can likewise do this through their versatile application (Android, IOS)

Customize your profile in the corner side , the principal screen you'll see is your profile and you can alter it by tapping on the pencil symbol. You can generally return to this spot by utilizing your profile symbol on the upper right corner.

Give us a chance to team up to help assemble and other open-source, scrambled systems to co-make a best site of the general population, by the general population and for the general population.

Does sound engaging to you?

Why you may want to invest
1 200K+ monthly active users, up 138% since August 2017.
2 98% increase in sales year over year.
3 Raised $1M+ from 1,541 investors on Wefunder in June 2017 in 19 days.
4 100K+ Vietnamese users migrated to Minds to protect their Internet freedom in July 2018.
5 150K+ token transactions in first 60 days.
6 Top competitor to Facebook according to dozens of major media outlets and experts.
7 1 billion+ impressions served, 75+ million unique visitors, 1.25+ million registered users.
8 60% Traffic from US, Canada, EU
Our Ambition
Our mission is to become the top social network on earth, powered by the people. Traditional social media networks are overrun with surveillance, censorship, demonetization and restrictive algorithms. Minds solves these problems with free and open source software, free speech policy, privacy, tokenization and decentralization.

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Last words;

The subjects that are in are really so diverse, from politics, history, science, news, to jokes/memes, gaming, cooking, photography, art. Finally try not to post any close to home pictures particularly of your family and children. Different clients will photoshop your countenances onto bad-to-the-bone pornography and the site proprietors imagine that is viewed as free discourse and won't expel it except if you get legal counselors and law authorization included. Try not to give your character away at all since they will discover your pictures different spots on the web, they got our own from our business site. The site permits animation youngster pornography saying it is 100% legitimate, be watchful who you buy in to on the grounds that they will post the tyke pornography blended in with alright substance and you'll get deceived into seeing it. I trust that the entire site is a crypto trick and that the proprietors are gaming their very own token reward framework. Unfortunately it happens..

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