How to know someone is online on Instagram?

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The Instagram has added a new feature similar to the ”last seen” on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, which shows the latest activity of your friends next to their name, this feature not only displays the latest usage of the app but also displays its online status.

You can see the status of the last activity in the direct message. This ability to see your friends’ online status on the Instagram makes it easier than ever. This option is turned on for all accounts, by default, but if you do not want someone to know you are online, you can easily make it disable.

How to find out when people are online?

Previously, you could see the others’ last activities on the posts that he liked and the comments he made. But this information is not accurate at all for the last time you visit the app.

With the latest update, you can see the last-seen and online accounts that you have previously talked to them in Direct.

Update your app and follow the steps below.

  • Open the application and go straight to the direct message, Drag the home screen to the left, or click the paper plane icon on the top right of the page.
  • Here, you can see the last-seen visitors you’ve talked about before using their username. And it’s shown: Active x hours ago, Active x minutes ago, or Active now.

As everyone else can see your last visit, you can also see when the rest is online. You cannot see the last person who disables this activity. If you disable this feature, you will not be able to see others’ last activity like the last-seen feature in WhatsApp.

5 ways to see someone last activity on Instagram

As said above, you could previously find out more about the post’s users liked on Instagram through the notification center. However, there is no more “following activity status” on Instagram.

To see the latest activity of someone you can follow the bellow tricks:

  1. Check their DM status (if they have turned the “online status” on).
  2. Check their story (if there is any, you can see the last time they have posted a story)
  3. Check their posts (if there is any, you can see how many days before they have posted on Instagram).
  4. Any posts they have liked (if you have mutual friends, they might like the posts, or put any comments on it).
  5. Search on Google (“username” in, and you could see all the pictures, comments, etc. by that specific username.

How to prevent Instagram not to show you are online?

If you want to not showing your online status, you should:

  • Turn off the “online status” on the Instagram app
  • Make sure where you put comments (people can find your public comments on Google)
  • Make sure which posts you have liked (people can see your name on the “liked by” list on any posts.

To turn off the Instagram “active now” status:

  1. Open Instagram app, go to your profile and tap on the three-dot icon
  2. Go to “Setting”
  3. Tap on “Privacy”
  4. Go to “Active Status”
  5. You can see if it is off or on.
  6. Switch the active status off

No one can see when you were online, and you could no longer see other activity status and the last activity.


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