Neymar, the secret of his succes ...

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Is here on this playing field, not far from where he grew up.
Keep rolling, rolling, rolling ...


I'm making fun of him but don't get me wrong here. Because it's out of the question that he's one great, talented and skilled player. A player that people come to the stadium for. To see him play.

But with playing, I don't mean acting. This piece of shit, sorry, haven't got better words for this young snob, is ruining it for a lot of other players, his own teammates included. And worse even, hooking up his opponents with yellow or red cards.

I know more than enough ancient players who, if they would have played in this era, would cut off a finger if they just once could play against this horse dropping.
And I garantee you, he would not make it till halftime. And more even; he would really have a reason to roll and crawl all over the field, showing his (crying like a baby) face full of pain. And after that, laying on a stretcher on his way to a hospital.

I have always loved the Brazilian style of playing soccer. But because of his behaviour during the matches, this punk brings it to a level that's completely ridiculous.

So, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior.
Please do yourself, your team and us the audience a big favor and

Play like a man.

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'I know more than enough ancient players who, if they would have played in this era, would cut off a finger if they just once could play against this horse dropping'.

Those were the days (in Bagdad, hehe)

Watch how Cantona (who wasn't too shy either to "distribute" every now and then) stands up as if it was just a bug that hit him.


A max upvote to get this images right after the story above, to show that there are also other ways to deal with a hard tackle. I think Neymar would have rolled out of the stadium having had a tackle like this.


Eric Cantona is probably my all time favourite player, what a legend!


The only right word that describes him best: a Legend!

Dude its duck and dive in acting school this WK again.

I like soccer as a game but djezus that acting and whining... en kramp (kom krijgt fakking miljoenen...train jezelf voor langer dan 90 min...en ja ik weet het het is warm)


Have played it for quite some years myself and at a reasonable level as well. Ofcourse there are enough examples of "dirty" players really hurting and injuring opponents. But most what we see nowadays in professional soccer is not even half as bad as the so-called "attacked" player wants to make us believe.

Look at Rugby; a far much tougher sport than soccer. Ever seen anyone "acting", rolling and whining during a rugby match just like Neymar does?
If that happens I think that the coach takes him out of the match instantly and his teammates wil make a fool of him so bad, that he probably will never show up again.

showing his (crying like a baby) face full of pain.

I saw it and I laughed at it. In some cases it becomes sooo ridiculous that I literally feel sorry for them, for their non-acting skills and their stupidity. Neymar is not an exception. You have to admit, his ability to overreact is excellent. I hope one day they realize it’s killing their reputation.
lol even the goat can do it better!


Yeah, the goat at least doesn't roll and crawl.


And doesn't have a salary of 36,8 million Euros a year (2017).

hopelijk is hij tegen vrijdag genezen van de vallende ziekte


En ik hoop dat jouw België ze met mooi en goed voetbal een lesje leert en verslaat.

hehe that soccer field reminds me of Train hard fight easy If you can play there you can play anywhere.

But im glad you came up with this subject the swalbe thing. One of the reasons i dont really like football. How can you feel like a winner if you acted your way to victory.

Secondly, fuck man, soccer can be more dangerous then boxing. How often somebody get kicked very nasty. At least with boxing you know somebody wants to hurt you :)


Compared to Rugby (for example), soccer sadly has become more and more a sport for "pussies". And worst of all: the players get paid an amount of (far too much) money, which is completely out of line with their performance.

The worst moment i saw about this man was against serbia

Jajajajajajajajaja please be a man. Regards


If you are really in pain, then rolling like this can make an injury even worse. So this rolling of Neymar tells me that he is faking.


For sure he play's great but he's just a clown

I know Neymar is really talented and skillful player. But I saw his bad action against Serbia match for take penalty shootout. But after looked TV scene Referee given yellow card to him. But Messi and Ronaldo has best activities than Neymar.


Neymar got what he deserved. Red card would have been fine for me as well.

Neymar is a very good player in Brazil football team . But he is injure now so he not play some good .

Thanks for sharing @smasssh
Upvote you .

neymar is a good player...but his weight is too less than other player,,,thats why he dropped on the playground


He sure IS a good player. The only weight of him that's too less, is in his head, more specific ... his brains.


yes you are right

I think he very deserve to bring lies society of Brazil. If he become leader of every organization, peoples leave from them.
I see more powerful players in Brazil than Neymar. He has low quality.

He needs an oscar


He at least deserves a nomination ...

This field is suitable for footballers who like to fall and Like acting excessively like neymar who likes to cry.
Like @smasssh

Naymar is an actor ini this world cup, his behavior so bad, but we must respect about his talent

hahahaaaa i am really cant stop lughing over this .........this is ot need VAR hahahahah