Use Odds Percentages to Identify the Best Soccer Values and Scores!

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How to identify value in your bets? That's the big question. My friend, who operates the Best ผลบอล Thai Soccer website, asked me to write this article to explain how bookmakers' percentages are calculated and how they provide a guide to the assessment of value in the odds on offer. He has asked me to look at soccer betting, where, due to the few possible outcomes the odds offered are short in any event.

Identifying Value

From the above data, it's fairly obvious that the 4 - 1 offered by bookmaker 1 in respect of the home team winning is the best price, there is no difference in the odds offered for the draw but bookmaker 2 offers the best odds for the away win. The question then arises, which is the best value? Obviously, the 20.00% offered by bookmaker 1 on the home win is the lowest percentage so could be the best value, but this is too simplistic.

Stake Allocation

There may be occasions when it is necessary to allocate your stake between different outcomes. This could be the case where a selection of bookmakers odds produce an under round opportunity or where there is a strong reason to include two of the three possible outcomes so it's necessary to allocate the stake between them. In the illustration below the odds have been exaggerated. It's very seldom in reality that an under round opportunity arises but the illustration is a good one to show how to use percentages.

A Word of Warning Though

Where this situation arises there can be heavy, high stake betting. This results in the bookmakers changing the odds they offer. You, therefore, need to take great care that you place all of your bets at the identified under round odds. This means checking the relevant bookmakers' accounts simultaneously. Open them up in separate windows on your screen, complete your betting slip for each, and when you begin placing the bets complete the process as quickly as possible. There's no guarantee that any of the bets will not be refused as the odds may have changed after you completed the slip so there is an element of risk but you can minimize this if you streamline the way you place the bets.

Financial Disclaimer

There is no guarantee that you will earn any money or make any profit using the techniques examined or the information provided in this article. The examples included are for illustrative purposes only and no claim is made that any bet has been made, profitably or otherwise, the author accepts no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for any loss you may suffer, of whatsoever nature whether from using techniques or strategies discussed in this article or the services of any linked website, blog, third party or another resource. Please remember by gambling you are risking your stake on the uncertain outcome of a future event or occurrence and do not stake more than you can afford to lose.