Did Manchester really defeated Real Madrid ??? I don't think so..Do you???

in #soccer2 years ago

Well, Mourinho boy's may have defeated the Spanish giant Real Madrid by 2-1 but does it mean Manchester played to their potential? Well, I don't really think so. The defensive mindset of Mourinho can be easily seen after Manchester managed to take two goals lead. But after that hey allowed Madrid to get on top and almost equalize the score.

You will better understand the situation in this picture below:


The above stats clearly describes the mindset of Manchester Players and Mourinho. Well, being a hardcore Manchester fan I just hate this attitude of Mourinho. He must have won many titles with this attitude but not now. We saw in the last season as well after being 1-0 up Manchester lost or draw many games due to which gap between Manchester and City kept on increasing and now again he is following the same pattern.

Mourinho thrashed players when they lost against Liverpool saying that most of these players won't feature in his playing 11 on 10th August but he should realize that it is his mindset due to which they are not able to play with their strength. Otherwise, it was a different side under Ferguson who let them express themselves and play aggressive football.

I know it is a big deal that Manu has defeated Real Madrid but again I will call it poor performance. I hope we see a better Manchester game in the EPL.

Your suggestions and opinions are awaited.

Thanks for your time.


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