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Welcome to the latest edition of the SoCal Steemit Visiting Hour post!

Every tuesday at 8pm @socalsteemit is doing a weekly voice and text chat for the members in our Discord server! Here we'll be giving a short summary of our previous chat and bring up potential topics for the next upcoming chat.

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Last Nights Visiting Hour

In the last SoCal Visiting Hour we had @csusbgeochem1, @matlovell, and myself (@derekrichardson) all join in the conversation!

The main topic of discussion was the planning of the next SoCal Steemit meetup. We're going bowling! After discussing the possible dates and times we decided that our plan is to meet at the Brunswick Zone Classic Lanes at 1800 Hamner Ave. in Norco at 2pm on Saturday February 2nd. We plan to reserve one lane and if we get enough RSVP's we can reserve more. We will get an invite post written up and posted this saturday with all the details so be sure to keep an eye out for that. It's been awhile since our last meetups and a lot has happened since then so I really look forward to hanging out and chatting and having some fun!!


After we got the meetup planned @csusbgeochem1 left the chat early so he could go watch the movie Aquaman with @beckymeep. Me and @mattlovell chatted a bit longer. We talked about the trip I'm planning (and now rescheduling due to rain) to go up to Northern California to do some backpacking with my cousin up in the Redwoods. And we talked about Matt and @creationofcare's recent offroad trip in the Mojave and some plans that he has for some really awesome sounding long distance 4x4 adventures! You can see more info about it here.


Big thanks to everyone who participated in this weeks discussion it was fun as always!!


Next Tuesday

In next Tuesdays SoCal Visiting Hour we'd like to talk about more ideas for meetups and more ideas for ways to continue building and promoting the SoCal Steemit community! We'd also like to invite you all to bring in a post or a topic that you find interesting and would like to bring up and discuss! So again, it's tuesday at 8pm in the SoCal Steemit Discord server. If you are not equipped to voice chat or are a bit intimidated to get on a mic, feel free to come listen to the chat and communicate with the group through the corresponding text channel. We'd love to have everyone come join the conversation!!

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#SoCalSteemit is building and supporting the Steemit community of Southern California. If you are from SoCal and are into creating quality content here on Steemit, we'd love for you to follow us @SoCalSteemit and join our group on Discord

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