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Finally getting around to posting my bigsur backpacking trip with @derekrichardson. I am going to throw my favorite pictures up. Check out Derek's great post about our adventure. It's the best!
If you are interested in taking a hike in the Big Sur area use for all your scouting needs and give me a call. Its an awesome website run by the most knowledgeable person for the area. When I called up the forest service they even recommended it over their map. Not saying much, FS maps are not the greatest to begin with. If you are interested in taking our exact rout this is the link to my rout. FYI It will expire in a year or two. Sorry to all the 2 people reading this 4 years from now.

We started out the first day, light on the miles but heavy on the elevation gain. The hike was my first in about 3 years so a light warm-up hike was the plan. We hiked along a nice trail next to a stream for a while but soon it forked into an old two-track road. On the map it said it was an old powerline road. IMG_20181207_140319.jpg
We made it to the top and rewarded with an awesome view of the Pacific ocean. If you look hard you can see the ice wall keeping all the water from falling off the side of the flat earth. LOL look I can make up anything in here nobody is reading these posts anyway.
The end of the first day we are rewarded with a beautiful sunset. Our camp was in the open and the view was awesome. It was really cold that night but we survived and after a nice breakfast, we headed south along the coastal ridge trail to our second camp.

We hiked along the ridge trail, it was not a well-used trail and some spots were overgrown. The trail was definitely worth the views.

Oh, I threw in a picture of @derekrichardson standing next to a storm trooper just to see if you are reading this.
After the second night we hiked up to the top of cone peak. Did some sightseeing had some snacks and hiked back to our camp. Packed up and hiked back North to our third camp.
This was a nice trail. Some of the trail had overgrown trees providing us with shade while hiking.
The next day we got up while it was dark, packed up and hiked a half a mile to the top of the ridge to catch the sunrise. I had some MRE spiced apples with oatmeal while I watched an epic sunrise.
After breakfast and the best show on Earth, we hiked down to the car.
I tried to use @actifit while in the BC but it was hard to save the days activity without internet connection and trying to save my phone battery. So I used my Garmin watch to keep track of my activity. Look at those "stairs" I climbed. It felt great to finally get back out in the Backcountry.


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Heck ya! Finally. lol. That stormtrooper shot is so good.

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In between the ice wall and the storm trooper, I did read your post. This looks like such a peaceful and wonderful time. Odd that the 11,000 satellites can't get a reading for your actifit out there :)

Well, thanks for reading that means a lot to me. The first night out we had a clear view of the night sky, so we saw a ton of satellites. Yea I assume @Actifit will be able to sync up with my Garmin watch someday, you can already use Fitbit.

Soon you will be wired for sound :)

How did that storm trooper get in the middle of the mountains, seriously? Or was that you after all? It is so cool to see something that seems "out of place" but the diversion is really surprising!

That stream along your hike down to the car, it looks so refreshing with the greens on the background. It reminds me of my childhood when I used to catch tadpoles and small fishes which I fon't know their names.

The stormtrooper is just an AR sticker, a fun app on my phone. That stream was really cool I plan on camping next to it this summer. Thanks for reading my post.

AR ticker! Whoah! Now that was fun. How could I not have thought about it and kept wondering how that robot got in the wilds. Slow me... 😂

great landscapes and hikes in the woods, we always feel lucky and in peace when we have tha chance to spent time in the nature, time flows in a different way and you can better focus on yourself, we wish you to fully enjoy your time

Thank you for reading. It is great. I use nature to detox my life and slow down. I plan on going more when the weather warms up.

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Thanks @socalsteemit You all are the best.

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