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Hey Everyone,
A very brand new an innovative ICO has emerged and it getting a lot of attention. With email being one of the largest communication methods in today's world, with it;s ease of use and flexibility. Its secure platform allows us to get our message across is just a matter of a few minutes even seconds. So you are probably thinking what can we do to better this service. So whats the difference you might ask? Well have you even found yourself in a position where you need to a lookup a email of a specific person but it seems impossible? Or you want to get some emails of companies that directly relate to what your looking for or who you want to contact. Snovio is made for people who want quick access to a good email database. Organize your email portfolio. Many people fail to realize that their email, twitter followers and Facebook followers are all commodities, they are potential customers for your website your retail store or the service your provide and a large part of being successful is keeping track of all these commodities. You can also use their service to verify email to see whether you have the correct email address or not. Many large companies can make use of this service as it is very hard to keep track of 10,000 emails. Another great feature of this platform is the fact that it can clean up your abandoned emails. Have you ever been in a situation where your email is just overwhelming too look at cause you have 12000 unread emails. Well with Snovio all these problem become non-existent. And those 10,000 emails can generate for you income over time. What makes Snovio even more easier to use ,is its Google Chrome Extension. Adding a service to something already familiar to users is a huge advantage and Snovio knows this. The world of decentralization has change not just 1 or 2 industries, it has changed virtually all industries into a cryptic stance in which companies cannot deny the fact that decentralization is beneficial for every company. Bring email into the picture only makes for a more smooth transition into this decentralized world. And since email is something we use on a daily basis, it a huge entry level position for newcomers in the crypto space to be welcomed into the market with ease. Snovio has a great plan and road map ahead of them. I am confident to say tat this crypto has a solid profile and very well accepted by the crypto community so far.

Their Bounty Token Campaign is as follows : signature campaign - 7 500 000 SNOV
Blogs, forums and media publications - 6 500 000 SNOV
Translation and moderation - 5 000 000 SNOV
Facebook bounty - 3 000 000
Twitter bounty - 3 000 000

Look forward to the upcoming ICO on September 19th 2017 for more details check out :

Snovio Website :
Bitcointalk Thread :
Email :
Snovio Whitepaper : Will be Released Shortly

Thank you


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