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Bad KARAOKE is good for the skin


It was another lovely time with @surpassinggoogle at the steemgigs #discord talk show today. It was a time to learn and have some fun. I must commend Terry and say thank you for all your efforts to teach us on the steemgigs discord channel every week.

I joined the meeting very early as i witnessed the beginning of the program, the show started at about some minutes to 5pm Nigeria time with more than 50 members that joined.

Now getting to the show

@ Mdshahin786 talked about the issues faced by steemians in Bangladesh and their struggle to promote knowledge on how to reach people in Bangladesh. His compatriots are so excited about a new social revolution, but there is still a small barrier to entry into Bangladesh.

@surpassinggoogle give a suggestion on how to write with a desired language.


He said, ulog all about expressing yourself in any anyway in way you want. Since different people post in their language and still get curated, he said you could post in your language if you find English difficul for you.

Sir Terry further give more insight and knowledge about ulog.
In his words, ulog is method introduced to eradicate plagiarism or a way to take away, the stress of writing a post and all that. Ulog presents an opportunity for you to post about you everyday. It's simple to make and much more straightforward, since you're talking about yourself.

He talked about a lot things and there were more than enough fun and knowledge from the show.

He said the world contains so many talent which @steemgigs have giving him the opportunity to see alot of talents.. Many people are leaders but only a few want to carry the burden of others and take risks for them.

During the show many people sang different interesting song which I cannot forget the guy that sang Akon song, I really love it. Also some wowed us with his guitar so lovely
Thank you for reading, I’m sure you cant afford to miss the next show with Terry.

I look forward to sharing time with you again at Sir Terry's Talk next week, Let us make it more fun and awesome again.
Using this medium to appreciate Terry @surpassinggoogle for constant effort and for all the things that you have done to us, It’s a great privilege to us that you help us even though we don’t know each other personally. You are a man with a heart full of kindness. Indeed a whale that has a whale heart....Wishing you all the best in life.
@sandrazeal11 reporting the #steemgigsdiscord talk show from Nigeria.
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Till next i write i am @Sandrazeal11!


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Indeed @sandrazeal11 steemians are talented that is why #steemgigs is born to showcase and developed the talent of every steemians!


yes, it was really educative meeting different talented people. thanks for reading @jasonabejero