Once Upon A Tıme In Anatolia ( Bir Zamanlar Anadolu'da) / The Best Turkish Films 4 ( Film Review)

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Turkish Cinema

As some of you already know, I write about some of the best examples of Turkish cinema on my steemit account. One of the best film directors in Turkish cinema is Nuri Bilge Ceylan whose films have made a great effect on Turkish and international cinema. I am going to talk about his another masterpiece today. It is not going to be a plot of the movie. It is going to include what I felt while watching the movie, I am trying to explain how it is connected to Turkish society and why it is one of the best movies ever.



Mystery in Anatolia

Anatolia is the geography that Turkey is located. Turkey is a big country which has got lots of neighbours like Iraq, Iran, Bulgaria, Greece and Georgia. Unfortunately, life is not equal in all parts of Turkey. For example, when we look at the education level of people, there are huge changes in different parts of the country. As a person living in Izmir, I can say tha we are much luckier than other parts of the country as we have got better opportunities to study and work. The central anatolian part of Turkey is always a mystery for many people. Not many people prefer to live in this part as it is less developed and people are more traditional, maybe conservative. The film starts with a scene in the countryside of an anatolian city. The intense lights of the cars brighten the darkness of mysterious night. There is an investigation about a victim who was killed recently, but where is it?



The coldness of characters

Kenan who was the murderer of Yaşar is really determined not to tell the place of corpse which they outside of the town. Gendarme, doctor and public prosecutor are working altogether to find the corpse in a spot Kenan thinks that they might have buried. As I said in subheading of this paragraph, there is a clear coldness in characters. The corpse or the family of victim is not imporant for them. All they think and care is their working hours. The work must be done as soon as possible and they should continue their normal life. In one scene of the movie which is happening in a car, while they are heading to the place that they think they might find the corpse, they are talking about all irrelevant things and Kenan's face seems so serious and mysterious at the back seat of the car which shows the hypocrisy of the situation.



What I like most about Nuri Bilge Ceylan, the director of the film is that he is both a photographer and cinema director. So all the scenes you see are just like masterpieces of photography. Just look at the beauty of girl's face above with the perfect light reflection on her face. This is Nuri Bilge Ceylan's huge success!


As I mentioned above, officers worry about only their working hours. They don't care much about the situation of the victim and family. At the end of the movie, doctor and public prosecutor are examining the body in autopsy. It seems that Yaşar was buried when he was still alive, but they completely ignore this not to end the investigation without working more on it. It is all about conscience and feelings. If we live without conscience, what makes us different than plants?


The film has been rewared with prizes in different festivals. If you are a fan of real art and photography, you must really watch this. I will be writing about his other films on my page. If you are interested in Turkish cinema, you are welcome to comment in this post. I recommend you to watch it and tell me your opinion about it. Thanks for reading.


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