Sndbox – First Week Report + Brainstorm About Possible Improvements

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The first week as a member of our incubator is at the end. So far it has been a very unique experience. This article will serve as an explanation to those who might be interested in joining our ranks, as well as feedback material for our founders. Let’s get to it.

Personal experience

I have never felt this good on the platform really. There is one thing, which stand above the rest, helping with making the overall experience very pleasant.


Personal approach

The week was all it took to visibly improve. I, of course, wouldn’t be able to do it on my own. This was all possible thanks to @hansikhouse and @voronoi that are almost always ready to help out with anything members might need. The guys really DO SPEND THE TIME to read through our posts and are trying to make a VALUABLE FEEDBACK. The feedback consists of helpful tips concerning images approachability of the article, thought processing, editing, etc. Those guys a literally sacrificing hours every single day to help the incubator grow. And you know what? I love it! It makes me even more motivated to help them out however I can. An average Steemit user is on his own, and with limited traffic on his posts have even more limited means to improve the quality of the posts. Quality of the posts is the thing that ultimately determine the potential success of any Steemit project. The projects hit upon the most important problem and deals with it PRETTY EFFECTIVELY.


What is already working pretty well

I study creation of effective systems and I have to say that the founders did a great job setting everything up well before the launch. Multiple guidelines for new users have been created, therefore the incoming members have easier time getting in. A very sophisticated software is being used for communication purposes making the overall user-friendly feeling. The founders are not only willing to help almost all the time, but do so enthusiastically and with respect. Truthfully, many leaders could actually learn from those guys. Keep up the awesome job!

Brainstorm time

For all the hard work those guys are doing for us, it’s time to pay back with more than just (hopefully) quality content. We have this saying in Czech (roughly translated) more heads know more. This is what I came up with so far in the very limited time I had for the actual thinking about the improvement of our project.


Getting to know the interest of the members better

With the rapid growth of the incubator a better way to getting to know deeper personal interested will need to emerge. This is important for multiple reasons.

Getting to know the members WELL

Now it works in a way where the founders know a thing or two about their members. It would be very useful if a document would exist, where much more information about the users would be collected for, yet again, multiple reasons. If the members had access to the document, they could be using it for finding cooperatives for projects for example. The possibilities would be limitless really. Since we are EXPECTING the rapid growth, the sooner we will start collecting the information, the easier the whole process will become overtime.

Spreading the knowledge about individuals and their goals

The more the founders (or those that will write the advertising posts in the future) will know about the users the easier task it will be to spread the knowledge about them. While it’s definitely useful to write 1-3 sentences about the members as a fast introduction, such an effort will not be very effective in really attracting the users to their blogs. And that is what we strive for after all, because the incubator is only as strong as its members.

Team projects

What is awesome about the incubator is that members of all interests are allowed to join, for now there is not enough members to have a multiple members of similar interests in yet, but that will come. We need to prepare for it and make an environment where creating a cooperative team projects possible. The first step for this would be knowing the interests of the members, while the second one would be some kind of “brainstorm room” where members would be able to…well brainstorm about possible projects, find out whether there is an interest in joining something someone has in mind etc. Constructive criticism about such projects would also take place there.

Steemit park

Speaking about Team projects, I deem Steemit park as the lead @sndbox project. I think that little centralization to make it a worldwide project would help. Create something like “Steemit park creation guidelines”. Mention EVERYTHING that you had to deal with and maybe support others to do similar things. Imagine if @sndbox would be the community project that would have their Steemit parks across all the continents:).

Moar specialized chats

Ill speak about this just briefly, because yesterday I saw our founders saying that they are already working on this. I’d just like to add that I usually hate about other chat rooms that there just has to be EVERY TOPIC and there is no way how to navigate oneself easily through it. For sure extend (better way to put it is probably to say finally create:D) some specialized chats, but do so with caution and only when you’ll know that the chat will have some traffic

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I agree with you that building opportunities for sndbox members to collaborate with each other is important. It seems like building a network of friends and colleagues here - as deeply as possible - is the key to true fulfillment on the platform.

I think we're headed in the right direction. Sndbox is amazing!

Right direction indeed!

I never think of the future - it comes soon enough.

- Albert Einstein

Steem has the greater future than fb i think

Depends on the community

I'm really blown away. This is really fantastic feedback @fingersik. I'm so glad that you've enjoyed your first week within sndbox and look forward to many more! There's so much to accomplish moving forward and this kind of transparency will help our guild evolve for the better. I love the idea of the Steem Park guidelines!! Also you're absolutely right about the chat topics... we will work on a way of keeping them creative and inclusive .

Thanks again for the great post :)

It is my responsibility to do whatever i can to help us succeed. I’m happy that at least some ideas from my brainstorm could be put to good use!

I am interested to become a member. My interest is solar energy promotion.

You’re doing good job I have to say:) Nice blog you have there, keep it coming!

Hi Matej aka @fingersik, This is my very first comment on your posts. I liked the post as it's very well-written. Good luck with your stay at Steemit and keep posting more content. By the way, I want to say something funny about the cartoon pic you used in this article. The boy in the pic seems trying to sit on the smartphone. HAHA


Thanks:P you’re right he seems like he’s about to smash his smart device:P