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RE: WINNERS | Sndbox Summer Camp: Philosophy, Psichology & Sociology Quest

in #sndbox4 years ago

Thank you for this opportunity @sndbox @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20 !

The Quests were really fun and I am looking forward for the Final Quest to see what new challenge you guys have prepared for us, I know every participant will give their best :P

Congratulations to all the winners as well!



Thanks mate!

Congrats man even though I don't comment all the time in your posts know that I read it since I have you in my Ginabot even if you don't drop your links to the promo-mentors haha.

I am just so delayed in commenting these days and I just read lately.

You had one of the best pieces in this challenge and congratulations in being picked for FTG as well! You are one hell of a writer.

Hey there dude! Thanks!

Yeah I actually also have you on my steemify to check your articles (its a notification app that works like ginabot :P)

I am just so delayed in commenting these days and I just read lately.

Its normal, it is impossible to be on commenting rounds 24/7, I also take rests that can take even a whole day or close to a day haha

Thanks for your words man, you are also a great writer and clearly deserve a place in sndbox, wish you the best bro.

Congratulations man you deserve it!

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