"Less is ___" #fillintheblankfriday #feedbackchain

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It’s time to share your thoughts again.

This time we have partnered with @manouche who is looking to explore the Less is more concept in architecture, after being inspired by @voronoi's #antipost (link).

Less is more was coined by modernist Mies van der Rohe (link). Since then the saying has been adopted by many, and altered by some to statements such as; "Less is a bore" or @manouche's favourite "Mess is more".

Finish the statement below (or feel free to adapt if you wish).

“Less is _______”

The best comments will be shared with CritDay followers.

Looking forward to reading your comments.

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Less is restraint.


It’s knowing when to stop isn’t it?


Hahaha. Yes. I have a new one - Less is relative.


Another good one @manouche!

... opportunity for more :P


This is cheating.


@manouche 🤣



Less is... a logical and resourceful concept at first but then you come to the realization that you really do miss all those cool things you once had.


It seems like a good idea to begin with!

Less makes one poor.


Thank you for getting involved @kathleenscarboro