Steem Infographic: Steem is The Best Cryptocurrency

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Hello all

since I saw the contest held by @sndbox I wanted to participate, but I just got to finish it in the last seconds.


This time I helped bring up the steem name among other digital currencies. I am very proud of the technology that steem has to offer. Steem still has a long journey and will continue to grow to attract the attention of new users around the world.

After steem prices rise high, many people want to know more about the technology that steem has and how to go forward. steemit is one of the beta applications that can be utilized to create content by getting rewards. which is surprising to me is just utilizing 0.1% of its blockchain capacity. I can not imagine how great the steem will be because it is designed over the long term infrastructure.

new steem.jpg

The visualizations I made using corel draws depict data or infographics that look clear and easy to understand. A clean background I use so anyone who sees will immediately catch the point. Although steem has excelled in statistics, this is just the beginning for steam and impatient to be part of the long steem process.


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