STEEM ENGINE: A Natural place for SNAX Tokens?

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STEEM ENGINE: A Natural place for SNAX Tokens?

As defined by STEEM ENGINE , it is a platform that

empowers communities, project owners, fundraisers, developers, and businesses to quickly and easily build on the Steem blockchain like never before.

It is a place to

  • Create Tokens, and/or
  • Smart Contracts

on the STEEM blockchain.

It has a whole MARKET for Tokens. STEEM ENGINE (@aggroed and @yabapmatt) seems to be a natural place for SNAX Tokens to be listed?

Will SNAX be listed on STEEM ENGINE ?


STEEM ENGINE team members (@aggroed and @yabapmatt) has the opportunity to consider integration with Snax Blockchain Network.


Steemit users are expecting SNAX tokens to be listed against pairs with STEEM, SBD at an easy accessible market places.

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Since Snax is an independent Blockchain, it may not be very straight forward to support Snax. But since Steemit has slimier concepts as EOSIO and STEEM ENGINE is already supporting STEEM and SBD, it may be easy for them to support SNAX Tokens.

I guess it is upto @aggroed and @yabapmatt to decide if they want to support Snax.


This is funny. Never hears about steem-engine before. I need work more aggressively in Steemit. I need to grow my account. A Crypto bull market is near.

@crypto-guru is coming back to steemit. How is it going with you. Time flys and does not stop... I am still hanging on reputation 56... This is tooo little. Need to do something... Is also another Steem based exchange that we should be working towards.

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