Research Shows the Ancestors of Snake Legs

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Based on studies and research, the ancestors of snakes are Nocturnal, predators and hunters with special characteristics of having small hind legs with ankles and toes.

Researchers at Yale University, United States, analyzed from the fossils, genes, and anatomy of 73 species of snakes and lizards.

The findings show that snakes first evolved on land. These findings also contribute to the old debate.
Most likely this species came from the warm forest ecosystem of the southern hemisphere about 128 million years ago.

Snake is an animal that has a long body and no feet, has scales that overlap throughout the body.
This species also has a skull with a jaw that can be removed from its seat so it can swallow prey much larger than its body.

The internal organs (such as the kidneys) are also not side by side like the other animals on the left and the right, but one path is in front of the other.


By identifying similarities and differences between species, the team of scientists has built a large family tree that describes the main characteristics that have been played throughout the evolutionary history of snakes.

The ultimate ancestor is likely to have a pair of small hind legs targeted by vertebrate animals with soft bodies and relatively large bodied invertebrates.

During the early Middle Kretasius period or about 128.5 million years ago this animal most likely came from the ancient supercontinent of Laurasia.

Notes about snake fossils are also very small because the skeletons of snakes are usually small and fragile, making it difficult to form fossilization.

Currently the fossil that was identified as a snake with a hind leg is from the Cretaceous Period. Based on the comparison, there is a consensus that snakes come from the descendants of lizards. According to experts function of the hind legs on the fossil snake ancestor is to facilitate grip at the time of mating.

The results show that snakes have occupied various habitats throughout the history of evolution.
The ability of snakes to travel can reach a range of up to 110,000 square kilometers.

His ability can also stay in an environment that is traditionally capable of inhibiting the spread of land animals.

In terms of diversity, snakes have more than 3,400 living species that can be found in a variety of habitats, both land, water and trees.

There is little knowledge of how and when these animals evolved, how the original ancestors behaved. This is due to at least the fossil findings of the ancestors of snakes.

An alternative hypothesis, based on morphology, shows that the snake's ancestors were associated with extinct mosasaurus water reptiles. But this is still a long debate.

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