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How it do Steemit family,

Looks around oh shit looky layout got a fresh'n up, things seem ok again..

What a week on the interwebs eh? Seems we've all had issues online lately, not least our beloved Steemit Inc. Bless 'em, it's taken some grace not to melt down and cry about our current state of front end operations. I hesitated to criticize 'cos in my humble opinion the attacks all stem from @Ned's recent SMT announcements. When Rebel forces announce their plan to liberate humanity, well we'd be naive not to expect some heat from the empire. To me it's a clear sign they're shitting bricks! The world is woke and the revolution is now: powered on STEEM, delivered by SMT and with EOS (c)ontracts coming soon too!

However back at camp I don't see many of us considering how huge a deal smart media tokens are? When it came to Steemit.com getting DDOS'd and the days after creators were left playing with our spinning balls. Where were the reassurances from our devs? Even the CEO dropping the mic with a three line pat on the back wasn't cutting it, we saw a community up in arms.

Please learn from this and commune-icate WITH us as fellow vested peers, I feel we have equally passionate commitment to the cause. One thing we are lacking is some care, respect and community liaison, don't go the way of YouTube please. Even our amazing witnesses can't bare the brunt if devs don't share what's going on. @Surfermarly posed the problem perfectly in her open letter, resteemed right here.

So I shared some thoughts on what I feel about these steemy times in my latest stream. Oh and quick time hack for y'all. Drop in the player settings, click the cog and bump that speed up to 1.5x! Save your time to do whatever makes you happy!

What's all this about STEEM, Steemit & SMT? 😤💻

With all that being said, we're out here doing our best, making it happen on Twitch (will they adopt the SMT model someday?) and building yet another online income stream. Our focus is only doing what we love! Being home, spending time together and investing in our crypto futures!

I promised not to go on about Corp-orateTube demon-etization, I vented enough about that over here. In short, my panties were twisted for a week or so before settling down to realize the front line is the front line. If we gonna be out here serving truth, well we'll just have to dig in and roll with the punches. I'm still streaming to that platform, starting conversations and inviting subs to Steemit to freedom!

😎👌 Why Am I Transitioning To Twitch?

So you're still here? Posting your own creative content on the blockchain right? Really though, what are you waiting for? Thanks for reading and listening to me babbling. Now is the time to go research and learn for yourselves. Steemit is a wonderful place to start reading. The main thing is that YOU have to ask the right questions to get the answers you want. Keep asking, never stop digging and learning!

Which brings me to the third installment for this weeks post, those who've already started here feel free to go outside and work under your own super-vision LOL! This is mainly for our non-steemian friends and loved ones. If you are here via my social media blast or somehow search engines dropped you off with me. Well welcome. Here's a talk about how we move away from those exploiting our creative efforts and get started on a platform that empowers, rewards and inspires us to BE OUR OWN GENIUS!

How To Make Money After Getting Demonetized On YouTube! 🤑💸

Re-member we are soon to emerge from beta and it's still very early days for us all. Clearly we still need more hands on deck. More skills, more eyes on and many more voices in the conversation. Be well friends and STEEM ON!

Yes and one more shameless plug to the Twitch Gods! If in any way you're enjoying our streams please support and follow, all it costs is an email address. We'll have more IRL (in real life) streams coming soon too.


My Twitch is "RealKeniStyles" see you on the next stream n Steem!

Big love to all our watchers! Every follow, upvote, share and comment makes a huge difference and we appreciate every single one! We out here "playing the game", spreading love and singing Steemit to the world!

Wholeness & Loving Vibrations! 💚💯


Learn more about who keeps Steemit alive and cast your votes here. I have personally researched and voted for the following witnesses: @aggroed, @ausbitbank, @blueorgy, @clayop, @curie, @followbtcnews, @furion, @fyrst-witness, @good-karma, @gtg, @jerrybanfield, @klye, @netuoso, @pfunk, @pharesim, @someguy123, @teamsteem, @themarkymark & @timcliff.

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awesome post! Gotta admit I was a little worried about what was happening with steemit, but the new layout is pretty snazzy huh?

ALSO everyone FOLLOW KENI'S TWITCH!! It's always a party!


Thanks Marie, it's ok to be worried and from many perspectives it is justified. However what we really want is the forward motion of new action, new growth and new lessons learned. That is either going to happen here and with Steemit Inc.. or we as a decentralized community will present a new and improved front-end. It has already been put in motion and spoken about by many many witnesses and all we will need is a majority vote.

Thankfully, it seems we as a community have more faith in this project and platform and the power of brand recognition to know better and do better by supporting everything STEEM and SMT. The future is decentralize everything and it will happen no matter what.

Thanks for the pimp out for the stream, all I know is this.. I will keep streaming truth and following my heart. 💚💯

This project needs some tough love and patience. :)


Agreed. Then I found this post from @steemitblog addressing a few of our concerns..

"Many of these improvements take significant time and resources to investigate, design, develop, test, and deploy. We understand that you all want to be kept up to date with the latest progress, but there are many competing factors when providing the community with frequent updates..

..We may not always communicate publicly about every challenge we face, but you can rest assured that we are actively working to resolve all issues as quickly as possible."

Now this may or may not reach people in a genuine way. I still don't know how I feel about it to be honest. Reading the responses and interactions between some of the most influential people I know on the platform including @ned, this is at least out in the open and being addressed.

The game is afoot and we shall soon see.. hold on to your hats friends!


I have seen this post and a couple more from the powers that be.
And today we had a new UI.
New UI same shit. Laggy and unresponsible site.
Let's hope they get their shit together.
If they don't , I am ( we are ? ) getting my little baskets and go to another beach as we say here in Greece.
Simple as that. :)


For me hope is empty, it's only new action that creates change. I'll be here doing my best to promote and clean up this beach until it succeeds or the majority witnesses decide to move to a new improved beach.

The only thing I'd point out is that there is no precedence for this type of beach, there is no alt, there is no competition and as such we make the best of what we got (right?). I've done enough research and digging around tech side that I am aware of the challenges and personally I feel that this is and has always been the forward leading edge in reward based decentralized social media.

The rest of the field is far faaar behind and we as a community are far greater and stronger than the challenges we face and albeit the chain we exist on. That's my tough love, if you want to put it this way.

What Steemit Inc needs most right now is our love and support. If those who can't do that then perhaps this really ain't the right beach for them, they should look for somewhere else or build their own and see how it goes on their own.

The true value of STEEM is the community that use it imho. 💚💯


It's a warm and cozy beach and I am curious to find out how it will be in a year. :)

Wow great @kenistyles , welcome to gaming tag


Thanks @jodipamungkas, are you a gamer too? Will check out your feed :)


Yes, i will streaming dota 2 asap @kenistyles


Nice, I'm a PS4 gamer but that game looks so good and I definitely see why so many people love it! Btw nice write up on the MONKEY KING! :)


Wow that great keni,i lobe everthing about ps 4 ,thanks for writing my article about dota 2 @kenistyles

I like men who are confident in what they say. I like your thoughts, they really inspire confidence. Unfortunately, I can not understand everything that you say on the video. But the general idea gives an occasion to think about its activities on this platform.


Thank you, all I do is speak my truth and if this resonates with others the confidence comes from our inner knowing we are aligned. If you would like, I will do my best to explain anything you want to discuss further. Although yes, the general idea is that we take a moment to see the bigger picture. Steem on siStar! 💚💯

Sir nice work keep it up. I up vote u.lf u want then u can up vote me. I follow u


Thanks and if I may offer some friendly advice. Only vote for what you enjoy and without expectation. Your comment is the fastest way to have people ignore you in my opinion. I'll check your feed.

We love you Keni! You'll appreciate my Introduction Thanks for sharing the love! ;)


I see you @cannagirl, welcome to the family! 💚💯


i see you too. very warm welcome here! love steemit ! x