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RE: SMT Testnet is LIVE

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If you want to set up a testnet node, here are the general steps (this is how you do it in general, but it helps to know how to deploy your own):

Once that's working, here's how to wire your testnet node into the official testnet (you can skip right to these steps if all you want is to connect your node to the official testnet):

Update: It appears that Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is no longer supported for these steps (wrong version of boost). Maybe boost-1.65.1 can be installed on Ubuntu 16.04 if you bypass the package manager. But for these steps, at least at the moment, it is recommended to switch to Ubuntu 18.


They posted this announcement on Facebook which is good BUT nobody is moderating the comment section and there are a ton of comments about recieving free Bitcoin from them.

Can you raise the idea of making me a moderator and possibly others, and we can moderate their Facebook comments for free @inertia @theycallmedan @stackin

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Thank you for sharing good tutorial.
But, I want to test making token, not running testnet node.
Could I make smt token on testnet while not running testnet node??

It is possible. The blockchain supports it, but there's no tooling for doing that right now. In other words, nobody has written a UI yet. And the tools that the UI would need have to be developed.

you notice that the SMT is trying to get around since 2017 and we are in 2020, is a shame

Yup. I noticed.

do a video on smt ,, what can we don with them,, how they can ad value to steem blockchain.

Can't really do a video. It would just be a screen of text right now. Here are more details, though:

I made one :) Please enjoy.