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RE: SMT Testnet is LIVE

in #smt4 years ago

"Steem will be changing from a platform for sharing and rewarding content, to a platform for releasing state-of-the-art cryptocurrencies"

Where does that leave us, the content creators? Should we stop investing our time and effort on Steem, now that it is changing into a platform to release new cryptos? How about curators with money invested here, who believed in rewarding quality content? Should they pull out?

Was this paradigm shift in blockchain direction discussed anywhere, before being snuck into this post like an afterthought?


Nothing is planned to change about the mechanics of the base STEEM token with the roll out of SMTs - this statement just means that Steem will no longer be a one-trick-pony. If others wants to launch a new token that has the same (or different) features as STEEM, they will soon be able to do so. This vastly broadens the use cases for the Steem blockchain (even beyond social networking).

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